Sylvan Lake Nauticals Swim Team

Goal setting sounds scary but can be easy. We are all in swimming because we love it but swimming day in and day out, its nice to have some way of seeing the benefits and reminding ourselves that we are getting better and stronger. Even if we do not reach our goals in the time frame we give ourselves, if we can say that we did everything we could to get there, that is success!

Goals need to be simple and measurable. A goal could be working as hard as you can in every practice (ask your coach and they will tell you and help you get better), getting a qualifying time or going to the Olympics!

When  you have picked a goal, then it is important to think about what you are going to do or change to get there. For example.. if your coach gives you sets with a certain time and you don't usually work hard to make it..try harder! If you are always talking about why you won't do well on a certain day, try to change your thinking so that you think about what or why you will do well.

If still unsure, talk to your Coach.. they are there to help you!