Western Zone AG Championships

• Frequently Asked Questions •
How is a swimmer eligible for Colorado Zone Team consideration?
A swimmer is eligible for Colorado Zone Team consideration by meeting the following criteria:
  • Swimmers MUST be a current registe re d member of Colorado Swimming,
  • Swimmers MUST achieve qualification times on/before July 1st.  Please note: CSI LC State Championships will NOT fall under this deadline and those times will NOT be considered for team qualification.
  • Applications for team consideration MUST be received no later than July 1st as team selection will be from pool of applicants ONLY.
When is the qualification deadline?
The deadline to qualify and apply for team selection is on/before July 1. Please note this is before CSI LC State Championships, therefore, any times achieved at the CSI LC State Championships will NOT be part of the consideration process for the Colorado Zone Team.
How does my swimmer apply for Colorado Zone Team consideration?
Swimmers MUST apply on/before July 1st to be considered for Colorado Zone Team selection.  Team selection will be from the pool of applicants ONLY.
What is the selection criteria for the Colorado Zone Team?
Colorado Zone Team members are selected from the qualified swimmers who have applied on/before July 1st.  2016 Colorado Zone Team was selected using the following tier selection process, in order of Priority Level, until the team max of 80 athletes has been reached. 
How many swimmers are on the Colorado Zone Team?
The Western Zone limits each team to 80 athletes.
Can my swimmer compete in the Western Zone AG Championship on their own and NOT as part of Team Colorado?
No, the Western Zone requires that all athletes MUST be part of their LSC's team and subject to the qualification requirement of their LSC for team selection.
When/Where is the Western Zone Age Group Championship meet?
The is chosen annually at the Western Zone Business meeting. Typically the first or 2nd weekend of August. 
How are each swimmer’s events chosen?                              
As per meet guidelines, Team Colorado is allowed 400 individual events of which no more than 160 entries may be slower than the qualifying standards set by the Western Zone.   In addition, swimmers are restricted to a max of six (6) individual events.
Coaches select events based on maximizing the performance of the overall team and working within the aforementioned Western Zone entry limits.  It is important to understand that making the qualification standards qualify you to be on Team Colorado and are not a guarantee of the events an athlete will swim at the meet. The coaches will choose the individual and relay events for each swimmer.  That being said, swimmers will be entered in events in which they are qualified first based on team dynamics, and then non-qualifying swims may be entered, while still staying within the entry limit.  Swimmers preference, which you can include on Team Colorado Application in the Other Information section, is referenced in case we enter swimmers into non-qualifying events, however, swimmers may be entered in events they did not select.  There is no guarantee a swimmer will have the opportunity to swim a non-qualified event.  Additionally, there is no guarantee as to the number of individual events a swimmer will be entered.  While the goal is for each swimmer to have the most individual events possible, there is a chance some swimmers will have 3 or 4 individual events. 
How are Coaches for Colorado's Zone Team chosen?
Coaches for Team Colorado are selected from applicants from Colorado coaching community which maintain current USA Swimming coaching credentials.  Additionally, coaches are chosen based on past experience with Team Colorado.  A coach must first participate in the Catch the Spirit Camp, then they're able to apply for the All Star Championship travel trip.  Once the coach has participated in the All Star Championship travel trip, they then are able to apply for the Western Zone Championship travel trip.   This condition is due to the level of job responsibilities required for each travel trip.  One (1) female and one (1) male coach will be assigned to each age group for the duration of the trip.  Coaches will be responsible for choosing individual events and relay designations in addition to any/all swimmer feedback for the meet.
Quality coaches who are enthusiastic about kids and swimming in addition to participation in an exciting and rewarding experience for our Colorado swimmers are always welcome.
How are Chaperones for Colorado's Zone Team chosen?
Chaperones for Team Colorado are parents with a swimmer(s) attending the Western Zone AG Championship meet who have expressed interest in chaperoning the trip by submitting an application.  Two (2) female and two (2) male parents are chosen, preferably with past experience on a team or Colorado Swimming sponsored travel trip in a chaperone capacity, such as a past All Star or Western Zone AG Championship trip.  Those individuals accepted are sponsored by Colorado Swimming and are expected to travel with the team and stay at the team hotel in addition to participate in all team travel and meals for the duration of the trip.
Please read the Chaperone Code of Conduct and Duties documents prior to applying.  Along with the Coaches, Chaperones have a very tough job!  Priority will be given to those willing to do what is needed for the benefit of Team Colorado rather than the individual needs of their swimmer.  You will be able to interact with your child and observe their races (this is, after all, why you applied as chaperone) however, applicants with a sole focus on their swimmer will not be selected.
All Chaperones MUST be USA Swimming registered which includes meeting a background check requirement with USA Swimming.
Are the athletes required to travel with the Zone Team?
Yes, Colorado Swimming requires that all athletes MUST travel with the team.  Representing Team Colorado for Colorado Swimming is not only a great privilege but a rewarding and exciting experience of bonding with swimmers from all over Colorado that will carry over into all of their future Colorado meets.
All athletes are expected to travel with the team for the duration of the trip; 
10 & Unders will be traveling with their parents.
If I want to change my swimmer's return trip home, can I?
Yes, some swimmers choose to piggy-back a family trip onto the Zone travel trip.  To do so, there are few requirements:
  • Parents MUST complete an Athlete Release Waiver, submit the completed from to and make arrangements with the Age Group Coordinator BEFORE the Western Zone trip has begun,
  • Parents MUST check-out their swimmer with the Age Group Coordinator upon completion of the Western Zone AG Championship meet; UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will swimmers be allowed to miss any amount of competition for personal travel arrangements,
  • Swimmers will NOT be allowed to meet the team at the meet, athletes will only be available for release AFTER the Western Zone AG Championship meet and NOT BEFORE.
Do the athletes have to stay with the zone team?
Yes, Colorado Swimming requires that all athletes MUST stay with the team at the hotel.  Representing Team Colorado for Colorado Swimming is not only a great privilege but a rewarding and exciting experience of bonding with swimmers from all over Colorado that will carry over into all of their future Colorado meets.
All athletes are expected to travel with the team for the duration of the trip; Sunday, August 9th, 2020.
Does my swimmer need spending money during the trip? 
All transportation, accommodations, meals and various meet snacks for Colorado Zone Team Swimmers are provided.  However, swimmers will need money to purchase any additional snack food (we make a team grocery run), concessions during the meet or any souvenirs or miscellaneous items for the duration of the trip.
What is the cost of the trip and what does that cover?
The cost for swimmers is TBD of which includes all transportation, accommodations, meals, various meet snacks, meet entry fees, team uniform (suit, cap and 3 t-shirts), team picture and 2020 Western Zone Athlete dinner and social for Colorado Zone Team athletes.
Extra Gear:  There will be an opportunity to purchase extra gear (caps and shirts).  There is a Zone Championship tradition in which athletes can trade caps and shirts on the last day of competition.  Watch for a posted gear order form on the CSI Age Group site to follow in the weeks ahead.
Suits: Can a swimmer wear a suit other than the one provided by Colorado Swimming?
Colorado Swimming provides each Team Colorado swimmer with a team colored Speedo Aquablade Recordbreaker suit.  A swimmer may wear a suit other than the one provided, but it MUST have the Colorado Zone Team logo. MI Sports is able to put the Colorado Zone Team logo on your suit (depending on the type of material; verify the capability with your particular suit with MI Sports) for a small charge ($5 in the years' past).  If MI Sports is unable to place the Colorado Zone Team logo on your particular suit for any reason, please contact the Age Group Chair immediately and BEFORE the Zone trip to verify your swimmer is able to wear that particular suit.  If suit approval is not done prior to the Zone trip, your swimmer MUST wear the suit provided by Colorado Swimming.
The cost, order placement, and pickup are your responsibility for the alternate suit. A swimmer purchasing an alternate suit does not change the cost of the trip.
Swimmers will be provided with three (3) t-shirts, 2 caps (1-silicone and 1-latex), a mesh-bag and a Team Colorado suit. Additional items may be purchased in the online store (when available). Swimmers are part of the Colorado Zone Team, therefore any non-Team Colorado gear is not allowed and should be left at home. The only exceptions are club team parkas and swim bags. The uniform will be passed out to the swimmers at the meeting place before the trip, therefore, swimmers should leave room in their luggage for these items.  Team Colorado items will be required to be worn for the duration of the trip.
Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meet to support their swimmer and Colorado Swimming; please come and cheer on Team Colorado!  Your swimmer is not only representing Colorado Swimming, but has the exciting opportunity for a rewarding experience of a higher level of competition while bonding with swimmers from across Colorado which will carry over to all their future Colorado meets.  Allowing swimmers this chance to grow as athletes will have a profound impact on not only their experience at Zones and the travel meets in which they participate going forward, but also their overall swimming, involvement and satisfaction in the sport.
For the duration of the trip, Team Colorado Swimmers are under the supervision and sole-responsibility of Colorado Swimming; parent-swimmer contact should be kept to a minimum to enhance the experience of the travel trip.
For the safety of all Team Colorado Swimmers, Coaches and Chaperones, it is imperative that ALL parents are aware of and abide by the following restrictions:
  • Parents are NOT permitted to take or check-out their swimmer at ANY time for ANY reason.
  • Per USA Swimming Safe Sport Guidelines, parents are NOT permitted to visit athletes in their hotel room FOR ANY REASON.
  • Parents will NOT be allowed on deck or in the Athlete Village before, during or after any portion of the meet.  Only those with credentials and a meet badge will be allowed in these restricted areas.
If you must access your swimmer, please contact a coach, chaperone, Age Group Chair or Age Group Coordinator and they will arrange a meeting with your swimmer.
Failure to comply with the above stipulations could result in the removal of your swimmer from Team Colorado and the Western Zone AG Championships at the parent's expense.
Team Colorado Parent Gear such as shirts and polos will be available for purchase in the online store (once available).
Colorado Swimming subsidizes two (2) USA Swimming Officials, selected by the CSI Officials Chair to attend and work the Western Zone AG Championship meet.  These officials will have their expenses (equivalent to and not over the team expense per athlete) covered by the CSI Zone Team Budget. Those Officials must agree to adhere to the appropriate CSI Code of Conduct, sign the Code of Conduct agreement, and agree to work a minimum of 8 sessions.