(Tryout days must be consecutive)

The 2-week trial is for swimmers wanting to determine whether or not they would like to join the team.  Practices for the year begin in September of each year, but a swimmer may start on any day.  Monthly training fees are determined over a 11-month period and not by the month, so there is no adjustment in fees regardless of start date. The 5-day period starts on the first day that your swimmer comes to practice and must be consecutive for their group.  

  • Contact Head Coach [email protected] with questions and set-up trial dates.
  • Arrive at the practice about 5 minutes early for introductions. 
  • Under 13 swimmers should go to Novice, Junior or senior-prep practice, unless otherwise indicated by a team coach. 
  • 13 and over swimmers please attend Senior practice unless otherwise instructed by a team coach.
  • Practice schedules can be found in the Parent info drop down menu, or by clicking here.
  • Please note that there are some days when the regular practice schedule will not be held. Please contact Coach for the most accurate tryout times. 

Thank you for your interest in the Colorado Torpedoes Swim Team!