The ZEUS Swim Team of Norwalk is a club made of up swimmers from 6 years old through high school.

Swimming out of the Norwalk High School, ZEUS members are dedicated to the PROCESS of achieving both their individual goals and the goals of the team. Each swimmer is encouraged to "be all that you can be" and to realize that working toward a goal is every bit as significant as the achievement itself.

At ZEUS, the focus is on the TEAM, shown through each swimmer's

T = Tenacity
E = Enthusiasm
A = Attitude
M = Meeting personal goals

Each ZEUS swimmer knows how important the support of team members, coaches, family and fans is. They are trained to realize that no individual swimmer is more important than the team itself. Nowhere is this more evident than watching a Senior taking the time to work with a Future Star.

ZEUS swimmers set themselves apart through their concentration on self-discipline, goal setting, team camaraderie and personal accomplishment. They use the skills they learn at ZEUS in their own lives-including time management, development of a work ethic, academic excellence, improved physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Philosophy of Competition:
Excellence is inherent in every part of the ZEUS Swim Team. It is the foundation of our team-from the most novice swimmer to the most accomplished competitor.

ZEUS swimmers compete in a multi-level United States Swimming program that, like our training program, attempts to provide challenging yet success-oriented competitive experiences for swimmers of all ages and abilities. On the ZEUS team everyone swims, not just the all-star swimmers. Each swimmer is encouraged to become a better swimmer and a better person through the process of competition.

ZEUS means:

  • Improvement comes by competing with oneself. Each individual swimmer's improvement is the primary objective. Winning ribbons, medals and trophies is not the goal. If a swimmer finishes first but has not swum to his/her own capability, he or she is encouraged to challenge themselves to be better.
  • Sportsmanship is as important as performance. Respecting officials, encouraging teammates, congratulating competitors, putting forth a determined effort and displaying mature attitudes are examples of behavior that is praised and rewarded by the ZEUS Coaching staff.
  • A swimmer is praised for improving his/her technique, time, strategy, etc.
  • Swimmers are taught to set realistic goals for meets and to relate those goals to their training efforts in practice.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to compete in all swimming events, strokes and distances, which promotes versatility. A well-rounded swimmer becomes an explorer in all of life's pursuits.