Swimming in College - Terms & Fast Facts!
[updated 11/30/2021]


First Call                   You can start receiving calls June 15th prior to your Junior year


Calls                          No more than one per week from the school

                                  No limit on how often athletes call the school


Official Visits             Any time after classes begin Junior year

                                  All expenses paid

                                  48 hours max on campus


Number of Visits       You are allowed a MAX of 5 official visits


Requirements for Official Visits        

                                   -        Must be registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center

                                   -        Must send the school’s athletic department your:

o   Transcript w/ Current Classes

o   SAT / ACT Scores


National Letter of Intent

                                        Not all schools adhere to the NLI process

                                        Signing Day is generally the second Wednesday of November

                                        Open ended – no longer an “early” and “late” period


Unofficial Visits                Unlimited

                                         Athlete pays all their own expenses

                                         Can attend athletic events with two tickets for family members


“Junior Days”                   Many schools hosting these- chance to get in an early unofficial visit


Athletic Funding               Fully funded men:  9 Scholarships

                                         Fully funded women:  14 Scholarships


Who is “Fully funded?”

                                         All Power 5 Conferences

                                         Very few mid-major conferences


Visit https://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future for a wealth of information about playing college sports, differences in divisions, processes, rules and more!