Dr. Emery and Jaimie Stone's Visit a Success!

Bill Natlo

On February 11, 2023, Dr. Jason Emery and Jaimie Stone from Northeast Psych visited Zeus to conduct a session on mental preparation for our N, N1, and N2 athletes.  During their session, they provided valuable strategies for athletes to stay in the moment and remain calm and relaxed during, and leading up to, meets and events.

The Northeast Psych team was an amazing resource for Zeus and their visit was a huge success.  Our athletes left the session feeling more confident and prepared for their upcoming competitions.

Dr. Emery and Jaimie will be returning to Zeus on March 18th for a second session. The team is looking forward to their return and eager to continue building on the strategies learned during the first session.

With mental preparation being a crucial aspect of athletic performance, we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with such knowledgeable professionals and are excited to see the results in upcoming competitions.

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