Age range:
15 and over.

National Team is for swimmers who are training and competing to gain national-level status and want to be part of the National Team.  Advance stroke technique and race strategy will be emphasized to reach this high level of competitive swimming

Swimmers must be able to make 15 x 100 @1:20 Freestyle, 10x100 kick @1:55 and 6x200 medley @3:10.

At this level, swimmers need to help mentor the younger swimmers when necessary at meets or at practices

Swimmers in this group must have achieved a USA Swimming Futures Cut.

Learning Intention:
Developing better technique and aerobic condition on four strokes and individual medley .

Learning Outcomes:
Learners should be able to improve and reach high-level results in an effort to compete at the NCAA level.

Lesson duration:
2h:00m max, 8 times per week (including 2x morning practice) plus mandatory dry-land 2x Week and yoga .

Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Rubber Swim Fins, Snorkel, Paddles and Parachutes .