Welcome to Chadwick Swim Club!

Chadwick Swim Club is a 50+ year old neighborhood pool located in the Chadwick Subdivision.  Our pool is open to anyone that wants to join as a member for the summer!  Becoming a part owner of the pool is also an option.

Our pool is run by a Board (group of volunteers, who are part owners of the pool).  We staff lifeguards & swim coaches for the Swim Team. This website is the hub for all information...check out the different tabs to learn more about registration, work duties, rules, our swim team, etc!

Being a community pool, run by volunteers makes Chadwick special...we have a small, tight-knit community and an amazing pool that we can come together to enjoy summer, friends, & neighbors!  Having a community pool also means that the community has the responsibility of being active community members.  This active support & lots of volunteers is crucial for our community pool to stay open and function properly!  Please consider how you can help be an active part of your community & our awesome pool!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the board at [email protected]