Parent Reps:  Suzanne Rosenthal & Julie Hobbs: 314-603-8869 (Suzanne)  636-675-4416 (Julie)

Coaches:  Jessica, Nick & Olivia 

NEW to note for 2023...due to high demand (and waitlist) we ask that every swimmer signing up for the swim team will be at practices and swim in at least 3 meets!


Practices begin on Friday, June 2, 2023 (see practice times below)

MEDICAL RELEASE FORM REQUIRED FORMS BEFORE A SWIMMER CAN ENTER THE POOL. These are not part of registration. You need to print a paper form and turn it in. Click Here to download and print the form.

LINK FOR JOB DUTY SIGN-UP: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054DADA728A3FF2-swim 

SWIMSUITS 2023: 2023 Swim suits are now available at B&B Aquatic, Des Peres and Chestefield locations!

Swim Team Caps are $10...find Ruth Price to purchase!

Information about our Coaches:

Head Coach- Jessica Klingler 


My name is Jessica Klingler and this is my 9th year coaching for Chadwick. Before coaching, I swam on the swim team for 13 years. I love this team and am so excited to be spending my summer with you all. Outside of the pool. I am a special education teacher. Recently, I made a huge decision to move back to St. Louis (FOR GOOD) from Columbia, Missouri where I spent the last 4 years teaching. I am beyond excited to spend the summer with you all. Go Dolphins! 

Assistant Coach- Nick Noll

My name is Nick Noll, I'm 23 years old and I just graduated from the University of Missouri. I currently work as a copy editor and visual designer at the Columbia Missourian, a newspaper in Columbia, Missouri. I will be starting grad school in the fall. I swam and played water polo at Parkway South high school from 2014-2018, and I spend most summers at the pool or by some body of water. This will be my fourth year as a coach at Chadwick and I can't wait to meet all the new and returning swimmers!

Assistant Coach- Olivia Radake 

I'm Coach Olivia and I'm so excited for this swim season. This is my second year coaching here at Chadwick, but this is my 5th year coaching swim. I can't wait to see all the improvements our swimmers will make this summer, Go Dolphins!!!

Swim Team Work Duties

Swim Meets cannot happen without parent participation! Each family is required to fulfill all the assigned family duties.  The total number of duties will be figured out at the beginning of the swim season & then work duties will be posted for sign up. We have to see total number of swimmers and # of jobs needed before we are 100% certain.  THIS IS REQUIRED FROM ALL FAMILIES.  

    • Families with 1 swimmer sign up for TWO meet
    • Families with 2 swimmers sign up for THREE meets
    • Families with 3+ swimmers sign up for FOUR meets
    • Families who swim conference will also work a shift at the conference meet 

Additional info:

* If you cannot fulfill your assigned work duty, please make every effort to find a replacement.

*Swim Team work duties are separate from Chadwick Pool work duties. Swim team duties are NOT optional and there are no buy-outs. We have to have many volunteers to successfully run both the home & away meets!

*Everyone that has a work duty needs to arrive between 4:15-4:45 (depending on work duty)!! Check in with Julie/Suzanne upon arrival and get a name tag & jon.


*If you have ANY questions please don't hesitate to reach out to the parent reps!!

*IF YOU WILL BE LATE, please let us know by text or email. Thank you!

Rainout Policy: If an event is rained out your work assignment must be made up when the event is rescheduled. If you are not available to work at the rescheduled swim, it is your responsibility to find an individual to work for you and notify the Parent Rep of your replacement. If the event is not rescheduled, the work assignment is counted toward your total number of required work assignments.

Alcohol Policy: While alcohol is allowed on Chadwick property, drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by any meet worker during any sanctioned event. If you choose to split a work assignment with your spouse, both parents are prohibited from drinking alcoholic beverages during the meet. If you are not working and choose to drink, please drink responsibly.

Important Dates

Swim Team Picture Day: June 7th 2023 : 8am

FUN PRACTICE DAYS 2023 (Dates Subject to Change):

Tye-Die Day: June 14, 2023

Hawaiian Day (11 & under) & Survivor Day (12 and up):  June 16, 2023

Christmas in July (11 & under) & Scavenger Hunt (12 and up): July 7, 2023


June 5 - Blue and White Meet @ Chadwick (Time Trials)

June 12 - Chesterfield Farms @ Chadwick (HOME MEET)

June 19 - Chadwick @ West Glen - 350 Quail Village Dr.

June 26 - Oaks Landing @ Chadwick (HOME MEET)

July 5 (Wednesday) - VCH @ Chadwick (HOME MEET)

July 10-  Chadwick @ Baxter Ridge - 1807 Baxter Ridge Dr.

July 15- CONFERENCE ALL swimmers

**Swim Team Banquet--Mon. July 17th**




Declaring your Swimmers: EACH swimmer MUST be declared for EACH meet before NOON on the WEDNESDAY before said meet.  This is done via your Chadwick/Unify Website (sign in), and it allows coaches to know who will be at the meet.  There is a deadline from GATEWAY as to when the meet has to be set up/finalized, and so to comply with that and help the meets run smoothly this is a STRICT deadline!  You can declare your swimmers for all of the meets at the beginning of the season (if you're afraid you'll forget each week). If you don't know how to do this PLEASE DON'T HESITATE TO ASK (the parent rep, coaches, and most veteran swim parent will be happy to help)!!


***IF YOUR CHILD BECOMES SICK ON THE DAY OF THE MEET please let one of the coaches or parent rep know as soon as possible .***


What do I need to bring?

For your swimmers : chair (camping/lawn chair style),  towel(s), swim cap, an extra pair of goggles, water, snacks, and something for your swimmers to do between their races (coloring books, playing cards, books, waterproof games, etc).  Your swimmer is required to sit in their bullpen through the duration of the meet. They will need something to keep them occupied!  If you have a 6 and under kickboarder, you can pick them up after their event. Please check on your children throughout the evening to make sure they have enough water, food, etc. so they aren’t asking to leave the bullpen area. When they are finished swimming for the evening and they have checked with the coach, they are ready to be picked up from the bullpen and can sit with you or another family member.

For you : chairs and cash for concessions (not necessary, but often helpful).




Swimmers need to arrive at 4:45 so they can begin warm ups at 5:00. The meet will start at 5:30.  This is subject to change depending on the pool. Please double check the swimmer signup and see emails for more specific times.



We often have to move a swimmer into a relay or another event. There are no relay events at the Blue and White meet, but it is good to remember for all other meets.


CONCESSION STAND: Most meets (including ours) have a concession stand! Bring cash for you and your swimmers to enjoy dinner/treats!!


What events will my child be swimming?

Heat sheets will be attached to the Monday email! Heat sheets will not be available to purchase at the meet. Bullpen workers will be provided a heat sheet. Everyone else will need to print a copy so you have your swimmers event/heat/lane information prior to arriving.  It is also very helpful to write your child’s name on their shoulder and events/heat/lane on arms with a sharpie (see link below for more info). If you are new, someone in the bullpen can help you out (or see Swim Meet Race Arm Info for help)


Spirit wear: Watch for emails/information about a Chadwick SPIRITWEAR order (there is only ONE order each season).  Spirit wear preview and order forms will be emailed at a later date.

Chadwick swim caps will be for sale for $10/each. Please see Jen Sullivan to purchase one.


Sportsmanship Policy: Chadwick takes great pride in our swim team, individual accomplishment and good sportsmanship. Unsportsmanlike conduct by any adult or child is strictly prohibited. This includes any behavior (verbal or physical) that could be considered inappropriate. Possible consequences include individual and/or team fines and suspension from future Chadwick or Gateway League events.


Ribbon Information click here




9-11 year olds       7:30 - 8:30

12 and overs         8:30 - 9:30

7 and 8                  9:30 - 10:15

6 and under          10:15 - 11:00


At the discretion of our coaching staff, your child may be moved to a

different group, based on ability.

I will communicate changes in practices due to weather using email. You can also check Chadwick's Facebook page to see if anyone has commented about the weather.