-Admission to the pool is limited to members and their guests (guest fees apply) 

-Guests will not be admitted into the pool unless accompanied by a current Chadwick member

-Members will be requested to sign in at the front guard desk.  If bringing a guest, the guest fee will be paid at the front desk.

-No pets are allowed inside the pool facility

-No glass of any kind is allowed inside the pool facility

-Damage to property will not be permitted. Any person that shall cause such damage shall be held personally & financially responsible. Individuals guilty of abuse, vandalism, or theft of pool property will be suspended for the season. Serious offenders will be prosecuted.


Pool Area 

-Swimmers under 8yrs old must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or babysitter (13 years or older) while inside the pool facilities. 

-Members 8-12yrs old will not be permitted in the pool unattended unless he/she passes the swim test 

-Non-swimmers must be actively watched by their parent/guardian/sitter 

-Food and drinks are allowed inside the pool facility. However, all food and drinks must remain outside of the pool at all times. All trash and waste materials are to be placed in the proper disposal containers on the pool deck.  No glass cups/containers/bottles.

-Chairs must be 4 feet from the edge of the pool at all times. The guards need to be able to get to the pool quickly if needed!

-Tobacco, e-cigarette, and vape use are only allowed at least 10 feet outside of the fenced area.  

-Glass containers of any kind are strictly prohibited anywhere in the facility. Any item that is regularly packaged in glass must be transferred to a non-breakable, plastic container prior to entering the facility.

-Adult Swim will occur as needed (for guards to have required breaks), during which time all individuals under 18 years of age must be sitting completely out of the pool. 

-Appropriate behavior is expected at all times anywhere within the pool facility. Inappropriate behavior/language will not be tolerated. Those members/guests may be asked to leave the premises.

-Hard balls, tennis balls, hard frisbees, piggyback rides, and aerial stunts are not permitted 

-Inflatables, swim fins, masks, water guns, and all other accessories shall be allowed in the pool at the lifeguard’s discretion.  

-Running and rough play are prohibited in the pool area at all times

-Unnecessary conversation with a lifeguard while on duty will not be permitted

-Lifeguards are at liberty to sit a child out of the pool if verbal warning doesn’t work

-Only swimming apparel will be allowed while swimming (no shorts or cut-offs)

-No diving in water less than 6 feet deep


Deep End/Diving Board 

-Casual swimming or wading in the deep end is prohibited while the diving board is occupied

-Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time

-Only one spring is permitted, and no double bounces

-Divers may only jump straight off of the board

-No handstands or cartwheels off the diving board

-Always check the diving area to be certain that it is clear of swimmers prior to diving 

-After diving, diver must swim directly to the side of the pool or nearest ladder and exit the deep end

-No hanging on the rope or diving board in the deep end

-No goggles, inflatables, floatation devices, kickboards, or toys may be used on diving board or deep end



-One person on slide at a time, everyone else wait at the bottom

-Make sure area below slide is clear before going down

-Do not play under the slide when it’s in use

-No goggles, inflatables, flotation devices, kickboards, toys, or puddle jumpers on the slide.

-Feet first, on bottom/back ONLY (no face first or sliding on tummy)

-No stopping inside the slide


Baby/Kiddie Pool 

-Parents/guardians must stay with their children in the baby pool

-There is no lifeguard on duty for the kiddie pool

-No children over the age of 6 are allowed in the baby pool (including adult swim)

-Babies will not be permitted in any pool without a proper swim diaper