18 & Under World 100s
Georgia Swimming
Level 1
Excellence 300


  All athletes have the opportunity to reach their full potential.




To Develop, Educate and Empower our youth in the quest for leadership and achievement in life, through swimming.


Overriding Principles:


·        Provide an atmosphere of fun, fitness, friendship and family

·        Maximize each athlete’s ability

·        Inspire confidence and a competitive spirit

·        Promote and recognize strong student-athletes

·        Recognize each individual and value their role in the success of our organization

·        Enable the coach, athlete, and parent to work together towards long-term  success for the organization

·        Nurture effective communication throughout the organization

·        Embrace the team’s history and traditions for future generations


Strategic Objectives:


·        Advocate athlete development, progressions and training strategies that advance long-term success

·        Elevate the overall performance level of each athlete, so they may compete at their highest level of                                                competition

·        Achieve financial growth and stability

·        Develop, promote and facilitate delivery of athlete, board and parent education

·        Provide opportunities for continual professional growth

·        Provide effective counsel to athletes and parents

·        Encourage active participation within all levels of USA Swimming for the athletes, board,staff and parents

·        Promote short and long-term goal setting for the athletes, board, staff and parents

·        Enhance stroke technique at each developmental level

·        Maximize access to and utilization of current and available facilities

·        Foster the development and construction of a home facility