Practice Times

We're swimming at the Kona Aquatics Community Center on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:15 AM to 7:15 AM.   

Joining the Team

We welcome all levels of masters swimmers at our practices.  We require that you're able to swim at least one lap.  If you're just learning how to lap swim, we have a lane for "guppies".  The other 7 lanes have a wide variety of lap swimming abilities.  We'll figure out which lane works best for you.  

To join:

Note:  Swimmers that are interested in a "tryout" before joining the team can attend practice for up to 30 days before registering.  You must fill out the USMS trial form and return it to a coach.

Dues and Fees for Kona Aquatics Masters

Monthly Dues

  • Blue membership - $40 for the first USMS family member, $20 for each additional USMS family member - unlimited number of weekly practices
  • Green membership - $20 per USMS family member when someone in the family is on the Kona Aquatics USA Swim Team - unlimited number of weekly practices
  • Red membership - $20 for any USMS member - up to 2 practices a week
  • Dues are 12 months a year.

USMS Registration

  • All swimmers are required to have a current USMS registration for insurance
  • $70 annual fee paid by the swimmer 
  • USMS offers one lifetime 30 day free trial without registration

Scholarship available to swimmers with financial challenges.  You must have a USMS card.

Visitor Policy

All visitors are welcomed with Aloha!

  • Current USMS registration is required.
  • USMS 30 day free trial can be used - you must fill out the USMS trial form and return it to a coach.

Visitor's Fees:

  • ​​​First practice - no drop-in fee
  • First week - $20 drop-in fee
  • Second week - Additional $20 drop-in fee
  • Staying longer than a couple of weeks - $40 monthly drop-in fee