Indiana Swimming
Level 1

South Bend Swim Club

Founded April 2006

The idea of our club formed when several of the local high school coaches felt the cost of belonging to any of the area USA Swimming programs was eliminating a large percentage of the population of our schools.  The coaches at the time felt a new, less expensive, option could still be able to provide high quality instruction and training.  After several months of planning and designing such a program, the coaches presented their plan to the South Bend Parks and Recreation Department.  In a matter of days after the presentation the Parks and Rec agreed to form a partnership.  Through this partnership we now count ourselves as one of the many great programs affiliated with the South Bend Venues Parks & Arts Department.

We are the club for athletes from beginner to Olympic hopeful, regardless of their background.  Each of our athletes is treated as an individual.  We structure our program to help each swimmer grow as an individual within the framework of our team first attitude. 

Our team is divided into three groups based on age and then each of those groups is divided into three or four smaller groups based on ability.  The coaches of each group follow one curriculum.  One cohesive curriculum, designed by our head coach, that seamlessly ties season to season, year to year, and group to group.

Our head coach is involved with coaching all the groups of our club but his primary responsibility is the 14 and older swimmers.  The lead coaches of each of our groups has been with the club as a coach or a swimmer for our club's entire existence.  Our motto is TEACH FIRST—TRAIN SECOND.