Indiana Swimming
Level 1

South Bend Swim Club

Vision Statement

(This is our vision of our future and what guides our daily, seasonal, and career goals for our swimmers and our club.)

We are more than just a swim club or youth sports organization.  First and foremost we are a family.  We are a family with focused goals driven by two simple priorities.  Our number one priority is each other. Supporting, respecting, and pushing each other to the next level.  Be it in the classroom, pool, or in life in general.  We know we will grow more individually in all facets of our lives by choosing to be the type of teammate we want to have.  We take as much pleasure when a teammate succeeds as we do with our own success.

Our second priority, more accurately defined as priority 1a, is fast swimming.  We are a perennial top scoring team in both Indiana’s Age Group and Senior State Championships.  Every season we send swimmers to Regional and National level competitions.  Our expectation is the same for every level of meet. It does not matter if its athletes just starting on their championship meet journey attending the Divisional Championship or if it’s athletes competing on the national stage.  Our goal remains the same, dominate the awards podium in every event we swim.  We are motivated and driven to reach our potential knowing all the time it is the relationship we have with our teammates that pushes us to our highest level

We are team with multiple sites and athletes ranging in levels from swim lesson graduates to Olympic hopefuls.   Our successes are important to us.  We celebrate every individual accomplishment from a 7 year old completing their first legal 25 breaststroke to the swimmers qualifying for USA Swimming National teams.  We realize details matter and if it can affect fast swimming no detail is too small.   That means we do things the right way or we do them again.  Our appreciation for consistency, hard work, and team is unparalleled.  It has given us the hard earned reputation of the team the does the little things right, not occasionally, but all the time. 

We have worked hard to earn others respect by first respecting those we compete against.  We feel the atmosphere we have created among our team members make the SBSC a training destination envied by others.  We have used our culture to build lasting friendships where growing and learning is expected and appreciated.

We have built an environment with one championship mindset.  An environment where two things are more important then everything else; each other and swimming fast for each other.