Swimmers are divided into practice groups based primarily on age and ability.  A consistent practice schedule is essential for attaining the goals of SCSC as set forth in our team handbook.  We expect that all swimmers attend as many of their group’s practices as possible.  As with any other skill-based activity, swimmers will get out of our program what they choose to put into it.

BRONZE GROUP – 5 hours per week

The purpose of the Bronze group is to develop skills in all four of the competitive strokes.  Practices will focus on skill development and building endurance in a fun atmosphere.  The group is the first level of the competitive team and typically consists of swimmers who are in their first few years in the sport.  Dependent upon group numbers, the Bronze Group may be divided into the following squads:

  • Red Squad is for swimmers who are brand new to our team or are still working on the basics of freestyle and backstroke
  • White Squad is for swimmers who have been with our team for at least one season and are competent in freestyle and backstroke as well as the basics of breaststroke & butterfly.
  • Blue Squad is for swimmers who have mastered all four strokes but have not yet achieved a Divisional time standard in any age group.  The goal of this group is to further refine each swimmer’s proficiency in the different strokes, starts, and turns.  This group is introduced to the concept of interval training by doing longer practice sets to build endurance.  Swimmers are expected to develop good practice habits, and will begin to learn additional training concepts that are utilized at the higher levels of our team.

SILVER GROUP – 7 ½-10 hours per week

This is our highest level of training for age group (14 & under) swimmers.  Emphasis is placed on continuing to improve skills and stroke technique, as well as increased training intensity. Members of this group also are expected to have consistent practice attendance and demonstrate leadership to the other members of the age group team. Swimmers in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade are automatically placed in the Silver Group.

  • Silver 1 is for swimmers who have achieved a Divisional time standard or higher and have not yet entered middle school/junior high. Home School students or students whose school does not have an organized team will be placed in this group for billing purposes. 
  • Silver 2 is for swimmers who have achieved a Divisional time standard or higher and will practice and compete with a middle school/junior high team during the school year.

GOLD GROUP – Success will be determined by the #of hours per week
This group consists of swimmers high school age and above.  Swimmers transition to this group the summer before starting high school.  Training in this group is structured so that individuals are prepared to compete at the highest levels of swimming.  Every swimmer is expected to contribute positively to the team’s pursuit of excellence.  This group may be divided into multiple groups based on number of swimmers and ability levels.