Each swimmer will be charged a service fee of $150 upon registration for the team, with a family max of $300. This money can be earned back during the season by working at our hosted swim meets.  For the long course season, a total of 6 sessions per swimmer/ 12 per family will be required as outlined in the table below.  We ask that all slots be filled by an adult or a child that is at least 12 years old.

         April 27         SCSC Red/White Intrasquad Meet
         May 4-5         TBD - Western Closed Invite
         June 4         SCSC 12 & Under Invitational 

  June 14-16        SCSC Solstice Splash Invitational
July 26-28         ISI Summer Central Divisional Championships 

Three/Six of your required sessions must be done at the DIV Championships in July!

Service fee reimbursements will be credited back to your account as you work, rather than at the end of the season. The fee will not carry over from one season to the next unless you leave it as a credit on your account. The fee is non-refundable for families who leave the team prior to the end of the season.

Team Support sign-up will be done through the SCSC website. An email will be sent to all club families indicating the start of sign-ups for each meet at least one month prior to the meet date. 

IF you know you have a conflict on a meet weekend or are unable to provide team support during the season, there are other ways to satisfy the requirement. Please communicate any changes with Coach Dowd. Some options are: 

  • Trade sessions with another family (post a note on the bulletin board or talk to other parents at practice; you may find a family that can’t work a meet you can & you can trade sessions) 

  • Hire a teenager (15 years old or older), or find one looking to fulfill community service requirements for their school or other group. 

  • Ask another family who works more than the 6 sessions if they would be willing to donate one or more of theirs to your family.



If you are one of the very special folks that work over the required number of sessions, you will be invited to a special recognition dinner (ADULTS ONLY!) at the end of the season, provided by SCSC.