Sugar Creek Swim Club’s competitive swimming program promotes a healthy lifestyle and provides the youth and families of Montgomery and surrounding counties with a positive outlet for children’s enthusiasm in a team environment. The sport of swimming offers youngsters an opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and emotional development and challenges them to strive for continuous personal improvement in and out of the water.

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About Our Swim Club
Sugar Creek Swim Club is open to swimmers within and outside of Montgomery County. You can join the club at any time, but getting in at the beginning of the season is preferred. Team tryouts are conducted before each season; with the safety of each child in mind, we are looking for basic swimming skills in children 5 years and older.

The team is divided into squads so that swimmers practice with others at their own level or capability. SCSC coaches determine the squad most appropriate for each swimmer, and may move swimmers between squads as they improve over time.

There are two swim seasons per year. During the short course season distance are swum in a 25 yard course, like high school and collegiate swim meets; while long course meets are swum in a 50 meter course, like the Olympics. Within the Crawfordsville Aquatic Center, this is achieved by turning the orientation of the lane lines between the long and short sides of the pool. The short course season runs approximately from September to March, while the long course season is April to August.


  • A professionally coached, athlete centered, competitive swim TEAM
  • Dedicated to the long-term development, participation and progress of our members
  • Committed to teaching & coaching efficient stroke technique as the foundation for future success
  • Focused on improving athletes’ aquatic skills, physical, mental and emotional capabilities
  • Supportive – of each other and the team in our journey toward excellence
  • Fun – we value the notion that our time together should be enjoyable as well as productive
  • Flexible – in our practice and meet schedule so our young athletes can participate in other important athletic and social activities
  • Family-oriented – parents are encouraged to support their children’s efforts by participating actively in our organization.


  • Swimming Fast! – Our swimmers improve their skills and performance, everyday in every way.
  • Meeting terrific people Many swimming buddies become lifelong friends.
  • Great exercise for cardiovascular and overall fitness – Swimming is a low-impact physical activity that can be done for a lifetime!
  • Fun – Competitive swimming is exciting and rewarding!
  • Life Skills – Swimmers learn time management, goal setting, self-discipline, sportsmanship and other valuable tools for success.
  • Improved Academic Performance – the discipline and other skills acquired coupled with aerobic exercise can improve brain function; varsity swimmers & teams historically have higher average GPA’s than other athletes, sports teams and the non-athlete student population at all grade levels.
  • Parental Involvement – All great swimmers have strong parental involvement and play a pivotal role in the development of the athlete.  Parents have the opportunity to positively impact our program and their child's swimming experience.

Click on any of the links below to get the appropriate information. If you have any questions please contact Head Coach Kevin Hedrick or Head Age Group Coach Sarah Dowd or give us a call at 765-364-3247.