Practice Expectations for Swimmers

Carolyn Wolfe

It is just a reminder of YMCA policies, team practice reminders and behavioral expectations.   Even if you are an experienced family, please review all of these. 

·       9 and under swimmers CANNOT be simply dropped off . They need to be supervised until the coach comes to get them from the waiting area, or they are on the pool deck.  

·       The waiting area for our swim groups is the hallway right outside of the locker room area.  Swimmers STILL NEED TO BE SUPERVISED WHILE IN THIS AREA. Just because they are lined up here does not mean the coach is responsible for them.  The job of the coach does not begin until they pick them up from that location and take them into the pool area for practice OR into the workout rooms for dryland.  

·       The job of the coach does not begin until practice starts for older swimmers as well.  When you drop your 10 and over swimmer off at the door, they are unsupervised until practice time. If your swimmer cannot handle being unsupervised, please come in with them and wait with them until practice begins. Again, consider your swimmer unsupervised once they exit your vehicle, until practice time.  

·       The job of the coach ENDS once practice is over. Please be on time to collect your swimmer(s).  

·       Coaches cannot provide medications to your swimmer. This includes Tylenol, Advil and even sunblock. The lifeguards do not provide this either. If your swimmer has a need for medications, please make sure you give it to them before practice.  

·       There are age restrictions for the workout/gym facility. Our 12 and under swimmers CANNOT enter this location. Make sure they are aware of this, especially if they are unsupervised.  There are other rules for 13 and over minors.  If your teenager wants to use the gym, please inquire with the YMCA about their policies.  

·       Coaches DO NOT shuffle kids from the pool to dryland and vice versa.  It is the responsibility of the swimmer and their parents to make sure swimmers attend dryland, if they are supposed to be there. This applies to ALL ages and swim groups. There are too many swimmers that do not attend dryland because parents pick them up early or drop them off later. If a swimmer is not in dryland the coach will assume they either have not arrived yet or they have left. The same applies if the swimmer is not in the pool. The assumption is that they are not coming, are late or left early.  

·       Coaches CANNOT and WILL NOT make swimmers practice . If they do not want to get in the water or participate in the dryland exercises, then they will not. The coaches do not have time in practice to convince swimmers to participate.  If you know your swimmer is not going to be coachable due to not feeling well, injury, or simply being overly stubborn, please do not bring them to practice.  When swimmers are feeling unwell or they are “in a mood” they become a disruption in practice and that is unfair to the other swimmers that want to be there. It is also disrespecting the time of our coaches, several of whom volunteer to be there.  

·       Please make sure that your swimmer is prepared for practice BEFORE practice begins. We are still having issues with swimmers forgetting their gear.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your swimmer always has an extra practice suit, goggles and cap in their swim bag.  If the backup is always packed, they will never have a problem forgetting those items.  

·       Foul language and profane gestures are unacceptable behavior.  

·       Bullying is unacceptable behavior.  

·       Hate speech in any context is unacceptable behavior.  

·       Yelling at or being disrespectfully defiant to coaches and lifeguards is unacceptable behavior.  

·       Physical contact such as fighting or aggressive pulling or pushing in the pool is unacceptable behavior.  

·       Anything that could negatively impact the safety of the swimmers or coaches is unacceptable behavior.  

·       Unacceptable behavior may result in your swimmer being ejected from that practice. In extreme situations, it may result in suspension from practices. Remember, our coaches job is to correct bad swimming, NOT bad behaviorPlease discuss unacceptable behaviors with your swimmers. You may be surprised at what they do when they are unsupervised or think the coach is not paying attention.  

·       Dryland: Swimmers cannot attend dryland in wet bathing suits and MUST have proper shoes.  

·       If your swimmers practice is after YMCA hours the front doors will be locked during practice.  They need to remain locked. If you need to exit once these door are locked, you can exit from the doors by the senior center. DO NOT UNLOCK THE FRONT DOORS.  When this occurs during practice, while coaches/paid staff are in the pool area and nobody is not working the front desk, it creates a safety issue.  

·       If your swimmer has to be quarantined due to testing positive for COVID, DO NOT BRING THEM TO PRACTICE.  

·       If your swimmer has to be quarantined due to testing positive to COVID, PLEASE LET COACH LISA KNOW ASAP.  

·       Swimmers are unsupervised in the locker rooms . Please make sure that you are with your swimmer if they cannot handle being unsupervised in this setting.  

·       Swimmers should NOT use their cameras in the locker rooms .  This is a safety issue and a rule that is strongly enforced by USA Swimming.  

·       If practice is ending after the YMCA is closed , please talk to your swimmer and let them know that they should not linger in the locker rooms. Coaches or the paid staff member on duty cannot leave and lock the doors until they confirm all swimmers have left the building.


Again, if you have a question, please let me know.

Have a great week!

Carolyn Wolfe