2023-2024 R.C. Durr YMCA Swim Team Parent Committee List

All Swim Families Need to Serve on One Committee, Work the Home Meet at least 1 day (unless you are on the home meet commitee, then it is all days), and volunteer for the Champ Meet.

Banquet Committee Chairperson: Catie Childers


Parent Name
Mindy Fay
Liezel Smal
Dave Panko
Kelly Panko
Juan Wang
Peter Lin
Megan Coburn
Monika Sugimoto
Shannon Shoemaker
Beth Bidleman

Candy Awards Jennifer Johnson

Awards Folder Stuffer Kelley Fleissner

Community Campaign Lisa Harkrader

Tamara Hammons

Sara Franxman

Coaches Gifts Molly Boh

Communications/Social Media/Website Carolyn Wolfe

Fundraising Dinner Coordinator Dawn Robling

Group Parents:


Parent Name Swim Group
n/a Minis ( with Nickel)
Jeneth Lawson Nickel AND Minis
Abbey Kuhn Bronze
Melodie Shrontz Cooper
Brittany Eger Silver
Margarita Gibson Neon
Gem Stephens Platinum

Holiday Event Chairperson: Carolyn Wolfe


Holiday Celebration
Parent Name
Virginia Hudgins
Laura Dumancic
Christy Smith
Tiffany Scherer
Angie Parsons
Ashley Jackson
Michelle Bohn
Julia Hayter
Sandy Bellemore

Home Meet Planning Committee-filled for 2023 Chairperson: Katrin Hebenstiel

Brittney Thomas (Incoming Chairperson)

Lauren Charles (Team Leads)

Brandy Sheets (Team Leads)

Pep Rally Chairperson: Lee Whalen


Pep Rally
Parent Name
Allen Watts
Nicole Liesenfeld
Emily Coughenour
Katy Murray
Jackie Kennedy
Venkat Kannam
Vinrod Choudhary
Tasha Lovins
Holly Groneck
Emily Tracy
Melissa Rechtin
Elaine Brendel

Goodie Bags-filled for 2023 Chairperson Carolyn Wolfe


Goodie Bags
Parent Name
Lyndse Swann
Angie Marshall


Shawn Moll
Jenny Kent
Bridgett Rooney


Pizza Committee - filled for 2023 Chairperson: Lauren Charles


Pizza Committee
Parent Name
Caitlin Trella
Whitney Rich
Amy Hamby
Sarah Rice
Ken Hyland
April Casson
Ryan Gast

Spaghetti Dinner Committee Chairperson: 


Parent Name
Amy Harvey
Katy Murray
Yuri Whitmer
Leanne Holbrook
Crystal Bosch
Silvia Rice
Tiffany Evans
Brandon Napier
Carol Parke
Lisa Raziano

Spirit Wear Committee- filled for 2023 Chairperson: Sarah Lucas

Co-Chair Brynn Pentiuk


Spirit Wear
Parent Name
Sarah Hodges
Heidi Hayes
Shelly O'Brien
Amber Dalhover

Swim-a-Thon Committee-filled for 2023 Chairperson: Amber Chapa


Parent Name
Jana Grubbs
Andy Durcholz
Mike Madigan
Chad Butta
Tiffany Evans

Interested in Pay Out Option



TO SIGN UP FOR A COMMITTEE: https://forms.gle/JhA8cAPubHweYEFXA