Team Fundraising for 2023-2024

Carolyn Wolfe

Greetings Barracudas!

Below are 4 of our biggest and only team fundraising events that we do during the season. We only have one that is direct sales, which is our Pizza Kit sales. Our Swim-A-Thon is a part of our community campaign and while that is fundraiser it is for our YMCA and not the swim team directly. It is equally important and you will hear a lot more about that later in the season. However, these listed here are those that are for the team directly. 

Pizza Kit information will be in folders by Monday. I wanted to just fix the folders but now I have to transfer the folders into a new container since the second drawer in our existing container is broken. On that note, when you all go into these folders you do need to be careful and make sure your kids know that as well. This is probably the 3rd set of filing containers we have been through since I have been doing this and this one is upsetting because it is a really nice one that the YMCA purchsed for us. Please take care of our team property and if you see others abusing it, say something or let the Y management know. I will let you all know when they are fixed. Again, it should be Monday that I have it all completed. 

Lastly, items that says "News" or "Newsletter" will also be found on the website on on the "on deck" app under "News." Some stuff lives there all year. This will be one of those items. My team updates live there until the next one gets published and stand alone items are posted until they expire according to their deadline. This helps you all have direct access to the most recent information with minimal searching.