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With a deep passion for developing and mentoring young athletes, our owners founded Maryland Glitz All-Stars (MD Glitz) competitive cheer organization in 2014. These awesome ladies have coaching and cheer experience ranging from the fundamentals of Boys & Girls Club to the Collegiate level! Everyday, we strive to provide our MD Glitz family with a fun, comfortable, and rewarding cheer experience while maintaining a positive and well-disciplined environment. At MD Glitz, we understand the importance of safety and proper technique. All of our instructors are required to maintain a United States All Star Federation (USASF) safety and background certification. Our staff is also required to attend and participate in hands-on training sessions to ensure proper skill and technique are instilled in every athlete.





Our Mission
  1. To provide a safe space for athletes to express themselves, their commitment to competitive cheer, and their athletic ability
  2. To instill the fundamental aspects of competitive cheer and encourage the growth, development, and mastery of skill by promoting a healthy lifestyle focused on total body conditioning and overall wellness.
  3. To build confidence and security in each athlete, which will promote leadership skills, discipline, healthy self-esteem, teamwork, and lifelong friendships and partnerships.
  4. To promote the importance of education in the lives of the athlete, by providing a constructive and structured environment for academic enrichment and growth. 




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