Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics

Competitive Swimming & Diving Programs of the Holland Aquatic Center

MLA Practice Groups

Age Group

  • Typically 10&Unders
    • Practice 1 hour and 15 mins., 3-4 practice options a week offered.  
    • Practices focus on skill development, drills, and fun.  
    • Goals for this group is to learn all four competitive strokes and turns.  
    • 100% skill development focus.
    • Swimmers may compete at local, Regional, State, and Zone levels.

Teaching MLA athletes entering the sport of competitive swimming a great foundation of skill development and technique in a style that can be fun and foster long-term growth in our sport.


Navy Group

  • Typically 10-13 year old swimmers
    • Practice 1 hour and 30 mins., 5-6 practices offered each week.  
    • Swimmers working towards Michigan Swimming Regionals and MAGS qualifying times.
    • Approx. 90% skill development and 10% aerobic building. 
    • Swimmers may compete at local, Regional, State, and Zone levels.

An intermediate level for young swimmers that continues a heavy emphasis on stroke technique  development.  Athletes in this group will work towards preparation for making local Championships and beginning goal setting skills.


White Group

  • Advanced group for 11-14 year olds
  • Practice 1 hour and 45 mins., 5-6 practices offered each week. 
  • Athletes in this group are already MAGS and/or ULTRA qualifying swimmers, working towards Zones and Sectional meets.  ​

An introduction to Senior level swimming on an age-appropriate scale.  Athletes in this group will work towards having competitive local Championships and achieving standards for Zone and Sectional teams.


Senior Group

  • Typically 15&Older swimmers, some 14 year old swimmers may be permitted with coach approval
    • ​Practice 2 hours and 15 mins., 5-6 practices offered each week. 
    • This group is further split into two groups based on athlete skill-level and attendance to workouts.​
This group is designed around swimmers with two paths in mind for our athletes: 1) athletes hoping to compete for their High School teams, and 2) athletes that have USA Swimming State finals and/or Sectional meet ambitions.  This is the first level of specialization in their careers with practices geared around their main events.  During practices, swimmers will begin to learn how to take more ownership of the trajectory of their swim careers.

High Performance Group

  • High Performance group for 15&Overs.  
    • USA Swimming Futures qualifying time standards are required.  
    • This group requires attendance of 90% of the workouts and committment to attend the highest acheived Championship meets in December, March, and July.  
Advancement into this group requires a coach's recommendation.
The HP Group is our National group at MLA.  Swimmers in this group are committed to reaching their top potential of National-Level senior swimming and have ambitions of collegiate and/or USA National swimming.   Entrance into MLA's HP group will be determined by swimming history, training speeds, competition results, and referral from the Head Coach.  High School swimmers will be required to join training immediately following their high school season.