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HAC / MLA Team Policies

Registration - TeamUnify & RecDesk

Each season, your family will need to re-register for the upcoming swim season.  There are two registrations for HAC / MLA.  The first account you will need is a RecDesk account that can be opened at the front desk of the Holland Aquatic Center.  With this account, you will be billed for your monthly coaching fees attached to membership for MLA only. 

The second account you will need is through this TeamUnify website.  Within this website account, you will able to register for and pay for upcoming swim meet events.  A credit or debit card will be required, please do your best to keep your card number updated as you have your personal cards replaced.  


Registration Refund Policy

The HAC has a limited refund policy on team membership.  Families new to MLA swim are encouraged to spend a free week attending practices to determine if our club is a good fit for you. There are no refunds for monthly payments. Exceptions may be made to this policy should an illnesses or other unforeseen issues arise.   


How do I communicate with a coach?

Our goal is to have prompt responses to all of your questions.  Good communication with our swim families is vital and challenging.

All new/potential member questions can be sent to Ian Townsend at [email protected]

For questions concerning billing issues, please contact Norm VerMeulen at [email protected]

Feel free to contact your swimmer's coach directly.  


All important Club communication including news for social events, meets, etc....will be done by email so we encourage you to read them! 


Stay informed with our Google Calendar and Text Alerts 

While we will always do our best to keep the practice schedule consistent, during construction things can get a little wonky.  Stay informed using our Google Calendar directly from your phone, and subscribe to our text alerts to be informed instantly of any schedule changes.

The process for signing up for text alerts is simple:

1. Log into your TeamUnify Account at mlaswim.org

2. Click into "My Account" in the left side column. 

3. Within the "Account Contact Information" panel, find "SMS" and enter your cell phone number.

4. Choose your phone service provider in the drop-down menu labeled, "Carrier"

5. Click the Save button at the bottom of your screen before exiting your browser.\

To subscribe to our practice calendar in Google Calendar:

1. Hover over the "Swim Team" tab at the top of the page and click "Practice Calendar."

2. Navigate to the bottom of the calendar and click the +GoogleCalendar button that sits just above the MLA logo.

These are two great ways to stay connected to any changes in the MLA schedule.


Do we need to notify coaches for missed practice?

Please do not feel like you owe us an explanation for missed practices.  We do ask, if you are keeping your swimmer out of school for illness, please have them skip practice for the day.  


What equipment does my swimmer need at practice? 

If you are purchasing the equipment on your own, please attempt to hold to the following brands and types as they each serve a special purpose:

  • Net bag for toting their gear in wet environments - Be sure to put your name on your bag
  • Finis agility hand paddles
  • Swim Snorkel
  • Kickboard
  • Fins

Note: please have your swimmer put their names or special markings on all of their gear.  ​

Swimmers are also required to wear MLA caps only at practices.  They will receive their practice cap upon arriving to their first practice. Appropriate dryland attire should be on hand at all practices including tennis shoes - no sandals.  Lastly, a water bottle is required at all workouts for all groups. 


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