Swim cancellations this weekend, Polar Pups April 19

Sara Minogue
Just a reminder that there'll be no swimming for Cubs and below on Friday or Monday. 
Bronze/Silver/Gold will swim Friday and Monday as usual, but not Saturday. 
This is to accommodate coaches and swimmers who are heading to Edson for the meet this weekend. We have 14 athletes heading to Alberta for this event. Good luck to all! 
Polar Pup Meet Friday April 19
We'll hold a Polar Pup meet on Friday, April 19 from 4 to 6:30 pm for Dolphins I-III. 
This is a fun meet for our younger swimmers. The meet will mostly be managed by our older swimmers, but parents are encouraged to come out and cheer everybody on and/or help with timing. 
There'll be medals for all categories: 6 and under, 7/8 and 9/10. 
Swimmers should bring snacks and an extra towel. Any other questions, just ask the coaches. 
AGM delay
I had previously advertised our 2022/2023 AGM on Thursday, April 11. In fact, this has been delayed just one more time. Don't worry - we'll get to it!
Questions? Just call and I'll do my best to answer: 867-446-1432. 
Handy dates:
May 10-12 - Mother’s Day Meet
May 17 - wrap-up
June 7-6 - Wolfpack Invitational in Kamloops, BC