Polar Pup Friday! And lots more news

Sara Minogue
Our Polar Pup Meet takes place on Friday for all Dolphins from 4 to 6:30 pm. 
Parents of Dolphins are encouraged to come out and time the races. Older swimmers are encouraged to come and cheer for the little ones as well as act as timers and officials. 
Send your kids with snacks and extra towels!
Saturday morning swims
Saturday morning swims have been reactivated for Sharks and above! Starting this weekend, Gold/Silver/Bronze swim 6:30-7:45 and Sharks and Cubs swim 8-9:00. 
Mother's Day Meet May 10-12
Our annual Mother's Day Meet runs May 10-12. Dolphins 2 and above are encouraged to participate. 
We'll send a note out about times and volunteering closer to the date. 
Season ends/Kamloops meet
The last day of the regular YKPBSC Season is Friday, May 17. 
Swimming will continue (for a fee) for those swimmers who intend to attend Kamloops TRU Wolfpack meet June 7-9. Information regarding hotels and catering will be forthcoming this week. It is not too late to register your swimmer - Cubs and above are welcome to join the team unattended. This meet takes place in a 50-metre pool so is not suitable for all swimmers. Please talk to Coach Carol if your swimmer is interested in going.
Lifesaving courses
The City is running several lifesaving courses in the next few months. 
(Read more about the Red Cross Lifesaving programs here Register online here. Or just call the pool: 920-5682.)
A Bronze Star course for swimmers 10 and up runs May 20/22/24 and 27 from 4 to 6:30 pm. The cost is about $150. 
A Bronze Cross course runs June 12/14 and 17/20 from 4 to 6:30. (This appears to be a combined Bronze Medallion course, which includes first aid training, so a good deal for kids with their Bronze Star or aged 14.)
A Lifesaving Instructors Course runs the first week after school ends, June 24-28 (must have Bronze Cross and be 15). 
And a National Lifeguard course runs July 1-5 (15+, must have Bronze Cross and First Aid). 
Summer swimming option
NWT Swimming will be running a Canada Summer Games 2025 Talent ID Camp for three weeks this summer, from June 24 to July 11. Participants can register for one, two or three weeks. Fees will be set based on the number of participants. Practices will run Monday-Thursday mornings 6-7:30 am. This camp is most suitable for Cubs and above.
Any further questions, please come out to see Coach Carol on deck.
Board latest
Our next board meeting is scheduled for April 25 at 6:30 at the Co-op. 
We have now rescheduled our 2022/2023 AGM for Tuesday, May 14. Watch this space for an agenda, as well as the forthcoming date for our 2023/2024 AGM.