Membership in Seaside Aquatic Club 


The Dolphins is open to any competitive swimmer wishing to take part in the

program as established by the Site Lead or Head Coach, as well as meeting the group criteria.



Before becoming an official Dolphins member, whether it's for swim instruction or the competition team, financial obligations must be met. Financial obligations are as follows:

One-Time Family Registration Fee: $50



Senior Group - $135

Pre-Senior Group - $125

Varsity Group - $100

Junior Group - $110

Age Group 3 - $100

Age Group 2 - $95

Dolphins - $90

*USA Swimming Registration Fee Annual Fee - $89

There is a $5.00 discount applied to each additional swimmer after the initial swimmer.



The Dolphins dues go directly toward pool rental fees and coaching fees. Dues are charged monthly and are payable on the first part of each month. Dues are considered delinquent after a two-week grace period. After this period, the swimmer will not be allowed use of the pool and access to coaching staff until dues are paid. Checks should be made payable to Seaside Aquatic Club. Swimmers will be charged for the entire month, regardless of actual time in the water. In case of prolonged illness or injury, contact the Team Manager at [email protected] for special arrangements.

Each swimmer must register with USA Swimming/Pacific Swimming to be eligible for competition. Every swimmer must register with the governing body of competitive swimming, which is USA Swimming. Registration and insurance are charged on an annual basis and currently cost $89.00 (2024). This fee provides athlete support in order to participate in practices, swim meets and special events. There are many other benefits derived from being a USA registered athlete; including but not limited to: receiving aquatic publications, opportunities to participate at Pacific Swimming All Stars Teams and Camps and selection to United States Olympic Center Specialized Camps, participation in USA AllStars and other special meets, etc.

*Outreach USA Swimming Registration Discounts are available for those that qualify.



As per the Agreement of Understanding, notify the Team Manager in writing one week prior (email is acceptable) by emailing them at  [email protected] stating your desire to leave the team. Dues and fees will be charged until withdrawal notification is given. A month's notice is appreciated when the information is available, exceptions are made for family emergencies and/or military moves.



A Leave of Absence (LOA) can be requested for swimmers who need to take a break from swimming but desire to keep their spot on the team.  LOA's are often used for swimmers who participate in other seasonal sports (ie...water polo, soccer, baseball, etc.).

**Swimmers choosing to go on an LOA are required to submit in writing one week before the 1st of the month so that your credit card is not charged for the following month. For questions regarding Dues/Fees & LOA's please email   [email protected].