Seaside Aquatic Club is an Approved Vendor for Ocean Grove Charter School

As a vendor for Ocean Grove (OG), SEA The Dolphins is happy to accept P.O.'s from families for students wishing to receive Swim Instruction. The Dolphins provides "Swim Instruction ONLY" for Ocean Grove students in a private or group setting, teaching Water Safety and the Four Basic Strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle. SEA understands the need for physical activity to ensure a student's overall physical and mental health. Many of our OG students have said, "The Dolphins Swim Instruction is the BEST P.E. on the Peninsula!"

Please note: Ocean Grove "Swimming Instruction" funds DO NOT cover any competition fees, meet entry fees, swimming equipment, swim suits, PacSwim / USA Swimming membership dues, or the Dolphins registration fees. Your monthly fees DO pay for weekly group or private "Swim Instruction."

For your convenience, you may request a "Swim Instruction" P.O. for your student for up to 3 months or more. Please ask your OG Educational Specialist for clarification, and due dates of P.O. requests. SEA is not responsible for missed P.O. due dates, so please inquire with your ES about your specific P.O. deadlines. OG will not cover the summer months, as school is out of session, and regular fees still apply for those students wishing to continue in their Swim Instruction from June through August.

Our Current Monthly Group Swim Instruction Fees are as follows:

(Please remember to 'Contact Us' prior to registering online, and our Team Manager will contact you regarding proper group placement and registration.)

Senior - $135

Pre-Senior - $125

Junior - $110

Age Group 3 - $100

Age Group 2  - $95

Dolphins - $90

*Due to our Automatic Online Billing system, a $3500 late fee may show up on an OG student account. Please be aware that this fee will be removed once The Dolphins has received payment from OG, so please disregard it.