The Mason Makos Swim Team is dedicated to the development of outstanding swimmers within a positive and team-oriented environment. We offer a variety of competitive, highly competitive and National level programs. We have experienced coaches that care about each swimmer - regardless of ability.  The Mason Makos Swim Team trains exclusively in GMU’s Aquatics & Fitness Center - Northern Virginia’s best facility with State-of-the-art equipment, including access to underwater head sets for our 8&U so coaches can give immediate stroke correction and positive reinforcement.

Swimming is truly a family sport without age boundaries -- a sport that both children and parents alike can enjoy their entire lives. Many families join our team to train and swim competitively, while others join to refine their technique and improve conditioning. Whatever your goals are for your children, our mission is to provide you with the right program tailored to your needs. For me, it seems that my whole life has revolved around a pool one way or another. From my own experience in summer-league swimming and USA swimming in Richmond, VA through my collegiate swimming experience at the University of Tennessee, in Knoxville, TN,  and while competing in the USA Olympic Trials in 1988, I've adopted one simple philosophy for the Mason Makos Swim Team: Swim fast and have fun!

If a child is having fun while they are swimming, the results are often spectacular! Swimming instills a sense of confidence, an ability to set goals, manage time wisely and achieve these goals through strong work ethic. Of course, the physical benefits of swimming are second to none -- no other sport promotes the aerobic conditioning and physical coordination required to swim successfully. Without a doubt, though, one of the finest characteristics of a true 'team' is a sense of community -- a place to 'belong'. The bond between teammates as well as between swimmers and coaches can run deep and are long-lived. In fact, the friendships made on swim teams often extend throughout adulthood. Parents are part of the equation, too! Team swim meets and extracurricular activities offer you an opportunity to take part in your child's activities and meet new people.

I hope you enjoy the Mason Makos Swim Team as much as I do.

I'm looking forward to a great season!

Heather Coulson Haddock
Head Coach and President
Mason Makos Swim Team

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Mason Makos Swim Team is to foster swimming as a fun, lifelong activity in a family-oriented environment. Our goal is to build outstanding, well-rounded athletes through team activities promoting personal achievement, self-discipline, goal-setting, time management and team spirit.

Values and Goals

We believe swimming prepares our team members with the lessons needed to succeed in life. Our aim is for each swimmer to achieve LIFTOFF:

  • Lifelong. To promote swimming at all levels as a lifelong activity.
  • Instill. To instill the self-discipline, goal-oriented behavior, and efficient time management required to excel in competitive swimming.
  • Fun. To make swimming fun for all team members – from novice beginners to national-level competitors.
  • Team. To foster teamwork, team camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Outstanding. To promote athletic excellence and outstanding personal achievement.
  • Fitness. To promote the physiological- and psychological benefits associated with swimming.
  • Family. To incorporate families in team activities.