We are thankful for the large number of families that continually volunteer at our meets on a yearly basis.  It takes a lot of volunteers to run our swim meets and make these events possible for our swimmers. 

In order to successfully run the meets we host and attend, Mason Mako Swim Team encourages you to, at a minimum, volunteer for an on deck and hospitality donation for each MAKO meet that your swimmer participated in.

Here are the answers to some questions you might have:

  1. What is an On-Deck Position?  On-deck positions are volunteer spots that are worked during a meet.  These positions are essential to running our meets. Examples include head timer, timer, marshal, meet sheet sales, gear sales, swimmer check in, swimmer pickup monitor, hospitality room, etc.
  2. What is a Hospitality Donation? These donations are food items that are necessary to supply our Hospitality Room for the Coaches and Certified Officials that are working our meet. These donations are listed as a separate event and can be found under the Meets/Events tab above. 
  3. Am I qualified to volunteer for this position?  Yes – you are.  This is because all of the positions that require PVS training or prior experience have already been filled.  If you are interested in any of those positions and want to know how you can volunteer for them in the future, please contact us.
  4. Can I volunteer for more than one position at a meet?  YES!  There are two ways this can occur.  First – multiple members of the same family can volunteer during a meet (eg – timer and marshal).  Second – an individual can volunteer during two sessions of the same meet.  Obviously, the same person cannot be in two places at once, so please specify WHO will be volunteering when signing up for multiple positions at a meet.
  5. Can I make multiple Hospitality Donations at the same meet?  YES!!!  
  6. What if I need to change a position?   You can make any changes you want before the registration deadline. Complications arise, so if you need to make any changes after the registration deadline, please notify our MAKO Swimming Administrators at [email protected].
  7. Do we have to work at every MAKO meet? If you have a swimmer in the meet, we strongly encourage that you volunteer on deck AND bring hospitality donations.
  8. I have more questions.  Who should I contact? Please email our MAKO Swimming Administrators at [email protected] with any and all questions regarding volunteering. 

We know that all of our families will continue to work together to support our swimmers and provide excellent experiences for our MAKO team!