One of our most popular pool attractions is our competitive swim team with over 150 children ages six to eighteen. The swim team is a great way for kids to interact and form lifelong friendships.

Hilltop is a member of the Delco League. Our season runs through June and July and consists of 5 dual Varsity meets, 4 JV meets and Championships. During season, daily practice sessions focus on strokes, training, and fun.



On Saturday mornings, varsity swim team members compete to improve Hilltop's standing in the Delco League "A" Division. These meets are spirited team events complete with lots of cheering and close races. The varsity swim team is for swimmers ages 7-18 years old. Swimmers for each meet are determined by previous practice and competition times. The coach records the times for all events for all the swimmers. The fastest swimmers will be chosen to compete in Varsity meets and Relay Carnival.

Junior Varsity

On Wednesday nights, JV meets offer a more relaxed atmosphere for younger and newer swimmers to racing. These meets offer a more relaxed atmosphere than the Varsity meets. They are intended for younger and newer swimmers to introduce them to competition. These meets are for all swimmers from ages 6-12 years old who want to participate. Each swimmer competes in 2 or 3 age appropriate group events. Some swimmers will swim in both the Varsity and JV meets.

The Mini Team

Coaches will evaluate the swimmers and advise the parents when to bring their swimmers to practice. The Mini team does not participate in the swim meets. If a child can swim the length of the pool by the end of July, the child can swim in our last JV meet in a heat of just mini team swimmers. The Mini Team is part of the Swim Team.  They participate in the team pictures, Pep Rally, and the Awards Brunch.