2021 Registration

Hello Barracudas families! 

We all missed our Fairwood Barracudas family last summer!  Things will be a little different this year due to COVID-19 guidelines, but we are excited that the Barracudas can get back in the water. In true Barracuda spirit we’ll always have fun! As our swim league’s governing body, Midlakes, informs us of updated guidelines regarding meets, we will pass along the information to you.  

Returning this year, the Fairwood Barracudas have co-parent reps,Tracy McDonald and Elaine Theriot. 

Tracy’s daughter, Baillie, has been a swimmer for 7 years and Barracuda for 4 years. Her son, Mitchell, was a Barracuda for 2 years. The McDonalds love being a part of the Fairwood Barracudas family. 

Elaine has been around Fairwood swimming in about every capacity possible for many years. From swimming on the team as a youth to coaching the team for years and also as a parent rep.Elaine’s daughter, Jacqueline, has been a Barracuda for the last 4 years and seems to have inherited the “fish” gene from her mother.  

Coaches: We are very excited to have Mike Smith lead the way again as our head coach. Mike is a college swimmer and a great leader on the deck and in the pool. Bridget Duven won’t be returning this year as she has accepted a summer internship in Easter Wa. While we’ll miss Bridget, we know Mike is working hard on getting a great Assistant Coach for the team.  

Parent Orientation Meeting: Keep on the lookout for information about a virtual parent meeting in May. 

Team Suits: We’ll be sending out information soon regarding ordering your swimmer’s team suit. 

Swim Camp: We are still working on the details for Swim Camp and will email out information later. 

Bitties: Due to Covid restrictions this year, we unfortunately will not be able to have a Bitty program. Any child who can swim 25 yards unassisted (one end of the pool to the other) is encouraged to join the team and learn the strokes. We are not able to have instructors/coaches in the water at this time. 

2020 Seniors: Midlakes is allowing those that graduated last year to have one last year of summer swim. So sign up those 2020 Seniors!

Practices/Practice Meet/First Swim Meet: Practices will start the first week of June. Our first week of meets will be June 22nd. We will send an updated schedule in a couple of weeks that will include the Practice Meet. 

Registration: registration is now open for the 2021 summer swim season. The cost is $165/swimmer. Go to the Barracudas website to sign up: Fairwood Golf & Country Club - Barracudas : (teamunify.com)

We love the Fairwood Barracudas and are excited to get our Barracudas swimming again!  

Tracy McDonald & Elaine Theriot, Fairwood Barracudas Parent Reps