Championships are a great way showcase all the hard work our athletes have put in over the season. On top of that, these meets are full of fast swimming, team camaraderie, and lots of fun.  How can you make the choice of which meet(s) to swim in? Here’s a bit of information on the choices:

Division Champs, AKA “B” Champs:

This meet is held on Saturday, July 15 at TBD. The meet will consist of the 6 teams in our division only. It is a great meet where anyone can participate, and all of the kids have a fabulous time swimming and enjoying the low-key atmosphere of the meet. If your swimmer has a BDQ time for an event, they cannot swim that event at this meet, though they can swim other events if you choose.  Typically swimmers from Fairwood will swim two individual events and one relay at the meet. You get to choose which two individual events.  

League Champs, AKA “A” Champs:

Swimmers wishing to participate in this meet need to qualify, by swimming in a prelim meet (Monday 7/20 Seniors, Tuesday 7/21 Jr. Boys, Wednesday 7/22 Jr. Girls). For every event (including relays), the top 16 finishers advance to the Championship meet on Sunday July 23rd at King County Aquatic Center in Federal Way.  If your swimmer primarily swims in A meets, and is close to, or has, BDQ times, this is the meet for you!

Relays at A’s:

Even if a swimmer swims 2 individual events and a relay at B champs, they are still eligible to swim a relay at A Champs. The coaches cannot invite every swimmer to participate in the relays, but if you are interested in making yourself available, please check the box below. If you are placed on a relay, you will need to swim in prelims in order to qualify for the finals. It is an amazing opportunity for the kids to participate in a “big” meet and swim in a pool that has hosted the Olympic Trials!

Even if you have only been to a few A meets or none at all and are planning on swimming individual events at B champs, we would love it if you could stick around for A Champs week for relays so that more Barracudas can get an awesome experience swimming at KCAC! It is a really awe inspiring place to swim and we need as many Barracudas as possible available to contribute to the team and to have a blast.


If you have questions please talk to the coaches about what is best for your family.