What to Bring to a Swim Meet:

Summer swimming in the Seattle can be quite the adventure - you never know what the weather will be. Some meets will be scorching hot, while others could have you bundled in a sleeping bag. The best strategy is to come prepared for anything!

Meets can also be long. Warm-ups will start at 4:15 (home meets) or 5:00 (away meets) and will typically end around 8:30. Your goal is to keep your swimmers warm, fed, and entertained during that time! Here are some must-pack items from veteran swim parents.

  • Team suit, cap, and goggles. It’s not a bad idea to have extras of everything.
  • Plenty of towels – at least one for each event plus warm-ups – up to 5 per child.
  • Food and water or money for concessions. Swimmers are always hungry!
  • Warm clothes for swimmer (and you); dry clothes for the end of the meet.
  • Rain gear, including large garbage bags to keep everything dry.
  • Ballpoint or Sharpie pen for writing events on swimmer’s arm (optional).
  • Cards and games for wait time between events.
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, chairs for the lawn, small tents, umbrellas.

Meets are held rain or shine, so pack accordingly. Meet officials will cancel the meet in the event of thunder or lightning for safety reasons, but please do not make your own assumptions. When in doubt, show up at the meet! If you are going to be late to a meet, please inform the coach! Keep their cell phone numbers with you at all times! And don’t forget to bring maps to away meets – found under the Pool Locations tab. 

Tips for a Positive Experience at the Meets

  • Come prepared with the proper equipment.
  • Arrive on time for warm-ups.
  • Make sure your children know what events they are swimming.
  • Encourage them to achieve their own personal best.
  • Praise them on the race no matter what the outcome.
  • Have fun and cheer them on.