Barracudas 2021 Team Suit Ordering - Closes Tomorrow

Good morning, Barracudas!

Registration has now closed for the 2021 season. If you haven’t purchased your swim gear yet or ordered your free team T-shirt, the team store closes TOMORROW, May 17th.

You can directly order from our team store through DJ Sports: and then they will ship it to us after the end date which is May 17th.  You can order at any time, but it must be in by May 17th.    

Just like in previous years, your child swim team membership includes a free T shirt and swim cap. You will need to order your swimmer’s T-shirt on this website. They will be collecting sizes and putting together the orders. So even if you don’t want to order anything else from them, if you want the T-shirt you have to order your child’s size there.

This year the swimsuits we chose are without our logo. We did this so that your swimmer may be more comfortable to wear them outside of the swim team setting. This is only a one-year suit and if you have older suits that still fit or have been handed down, you are free to wear those also. The coaches only request is that you make sure that it is a swim racing suit. That means swimsuits that will stay on if they're diving in, no 2-piece swimsuits for the girls. The girls suits needs to be a swimsuit with strong straps. Jammers or speedos for the boys. All racing suits should be on the tighter side. This makes it so the suits stay in place on the swimmers and it also helps with not creating excess drag (air bubbles stuck in the suit) and makes the kids faster. With COVID restrictions we do not have a “fitting day” or even a way to try on the suits. So just know that when you measure your child and choose the size that matches those measurements it will be a tighter fitting suit. It is supposed to be that way.

Lastly, due to COVID restrictions the swimmers are not allowed to share pool equipment. This means that the coaches cannot pull out the kickboards and pull buoys (floats) for practice. It is highly recommended from the coaches that all swimmers purchase a kickboard for the upcoming season.

Please make sure to put in your order before the deadline of May 17th.

Happy ordering!

Elaine Theriot and Tracy McDonald

Fairwood Barracudas Co-Parent Reps