Barracudas 2021 Champs LAST CHANCE


Good morning, Barracudas.

Today is your LAST CHANCE to sign up for Champs. NO LAST MINUTE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Registration closes at midnight tonight, July 20th, and will not reopen. 

If you haven’t already, login to TeamUnify and sign up or decline your swimmer for their age group Champs. If you don’t decline, the coaches may end up needing to call several families in order to fill relays. Let’s make this easy on them and let the coaches know if your swimmer will be attending Champs – or not. Please only sign up for your swimmer’s age group.

RSVP’s: Don’t forget to RSVP for our pasta night and banquet. You’ll see these events when you login to TeamUnify. You need to also add a note as to how many in your family are attending. Several families have RSVP’d but forgotten to add in how many will be dining.

Info on Thursday’s meet will be sent out tomorrow. OH – if you can volunteer, please reply to this email. We need timers and stagers for both sessions.

Have a great day,
Tracy & Elaine