When does the 2024 MSC Summer Swim Team Season begin?

Monday, May 20


When does the 2024 MSC Summer Swim Team Season end?

Division or “B” Champs will be held on Saturday, July 20

League or “A” Champs will be held on Sunday, July 28

End of Season Celebration will be held on Monday, July 29


Who can join the Swim Team?

As long as you are a MSC member and your child is under the age of 18 years, or a graduating high school senior, they can join the Swim Team.


Does my child need to tryout to be on the team?

There are no tryouts, however we do ask that your child be able to swim one length of the pool.


My child has never swum on a team before – can he/she try it out before we commit for the summer?

Yes!  Please sign up, and give the coaches feedback.  There are a lot of kids who are nervous about the swim meets and the coaches and parents can help.


What equipment is required for swim team?

Swimmers generally wear a team suit to swim meets & practices, but a team suit is not required.  Goggles and swim caps are recommended and you will receive a swim cap as a part of your registration along with a t-shirt.


At a swim meet no logos for school or club teams other than Midlakes shall be allowed on caps or meet suits.


What is expected of the parents?

Getting your swimmer(s) to practice of course!  Also, please be sure you communicate with the coaches and the swim team chair parents and please respond to sign-ups and email requests. Volunteering!  This is important as the team relies on volunteers to help at swim meets, team events. All swim parents also attend a ‘kick-off’ meeting with the coaches and swim team chair parents at the beginning of the season.


How do I volunteer?

You will be able to select from several volunteer opportunities throughout the season.  Volunteer opportunities will be communicated through the team website, emails as well as asked in person.  As a parent of swimmer we do ask that you volunteer.


How many practices is my child expected to attend?

Practices are held M – F for the 10 week season (between 4-6pm as the school wraps up & between 8:30am – 12pm when school is out for the summer).  We ask that swim team members attend at least 3 practices per week.


How many swim meets is my child expected to attend?

There are 2 swim meets per week held on Tuesdays & Thursdays for a total of 5 weeks.  Each week we swim the same team on Tuesday & Thursday, one home and one away as determined by the league schedule.  However, those meets are ‘divided’ into “B” meet and an “A” meet.  Swimmers are encouraged to attend at least one meet per week. (Swimmers can be too fast to swim “B” meets, any swim team participant can swim an “A” meet).*

*There are some meets duirng the season that will be combined "A" and "B" which will be on either a Tuesday or Thursday


How do I know if my child will be swimming at an “A”, “B” or both meets?

The coaches assign swimmers to the dual meets.  Yes, sometimes swimmers are asked to swim both meets in the same week.


How long are swim meets?

The dual meet itself lasts for about 3.5 hours, with warm-ups starting up to an hour prior to the start of the dual meet.


Is my child expected to stay until the end of a swim meet?

We encourage swimmers to stay until the end of the meet and support the team.  Occasionally a swimmer may need to leave after their last race, please let the coach know if you are leaving.


What should we bring to a swim meet? (see attached)


Is there food at the meets?

Generally there are food sales at the meets (BBQ’s, snack bar, or food truck).  Many families bring food and drinks that are a good fit for their swimmers.


What if we have a changes of plans and cannot make a swim meet?

Please, communicate with the coaches and the swim team chair parents before the meet!  The meet line up is generally complete the day before the meet and the more notice given to the coaches, the more time they have to accommodate a change a plans while not impacting other teammates.



Different swimming age groups/levels including: Mini Mantas, 8 & under, 9 & 10s, 11 & 12s, 13 & 14s, and 15 & overs. Swimmers practice with the group of their age and ability and practices are offered 5 days a week.  Swimmers compete once or twice a week against like aged athletes from around the league. From age groups, swimmers are further divided into teams for competition, those being: A, B, or A/B teams. 

We work hard everyday at practice to chase best times with every meet we race and towards the culmination of a championship meet at the end of the season. To do so, we establish a technical base and move forward by building fitness while keeping technique in check.



● Suit (Any former year MSC team suit, dark blue suit with no club logo or the current team suit)

● Team Cap (MSC cap)

● 2 pair of goggles

● Plenty of Towels (most swim four events)

● Sharpie Pen

● Food and Drink:  Swimmers get hungry and thirsty so bring some supplies.  Concessions are sold at all meets but are subject to long lines and limited selection.

● Warm Clothes for swimmer (and you) and dry clothes for end of meet

● Rain gear or black bags to keep items dry

● Cards, games or books for entertainment

● Blankets, sleeping bags, chairs for the lawn, umbrellas or small tents