One length of the pool. Also, a term referring to the length of an event, as in 25 back.


Two lengths of the pool. Also, a term referring to the length of an event, as in 50 breast.

A Meet

A dual meet in which the generally more experienced swimmers participate. There is no time a swimmer must attain before competing in an A meet.

A Qualifying Time

See the Midlakes A qualifying times.

Age groups

A method of defining swimming events by age. Each swimmer remains in the same age group for the entire season. Age up date June 15th.

B Champs

See Division Championships.

B Disqualifying Time (BDQ)

A defined time for every stroke within each age group. Once a swimmer has achieved this time, s/he cannot swim in that stroke in a B meet or in Division Championships. Commonly called an A time. Defined time is different for boys and girls, and for yard pools vs. meter pools. (Disqualification times are available here, and in your swim team handbook.

B Meet

A dual meet in which the generally lesser experienced swimmers participate. A swimmer who has attained a B Disqualification time in an event may not swim in that particular event (individually or as part of a relay) in any B meet.

Division Champs (“B” Champs)

Each Midlakes division holds a Division Championship meet at the end of the fifth week of the season, with all teams within its division. Any swimmer who has not achieved a B Disqualification time in a particular event may compete. Commonly referred to as B Champs.


A term indicating a swimmer or relay team has been disqualified in a particular event because of an error. The DQ call is made by the stroke-and-turn judge. Typical reasons for a DQ include incorrect turns (particularly on back stroke), more than one underwater pull and/or incorrect kick on the breast stroke, and relay team members starting before the swimmer has touched the end of the pool.

Exhibitions (exhibition heat)

Additional races of any of the events can be added by the coach of either team. Usually exhibiition heats have swimmers from just one club and allow the newer swimmers to try a new stroke, be timed in competition and to participate in the meet. Exhibition heats do not count in the total paint score for either club, but usually the swimmers are provided with a ranked ribbon. Exhibition heats swim just prior to regular heat.

False Start

A swimmer moves in his position once the starter has called Take your mark. A false start results in a DQ for the swimmer who moved. Sometimes, one swimmer moves and causes a chain reaction of swimmers who dive prematurely. The swimmer who actually moves is the one who should be DQ'd, not the swimmer who was caused to dive. Under Midlakes rules, all 8 and under events are allowed one false start without penalty to a swimmer.


Many events have more swimmers entered than can swim at one time. In that case, there are several heats of swimmers competing in the same event. At dual meets, only the last final heat in an event counts for points. At League Championships, there are two heats for each event: the consolation heat swimmers compete for places 7 through 12, and the final heat swimmers for places 1 through 6. (For champs held at 8-lane pools, there are 8 swimmers per heat.) These places are regardless of the swimmers' times in their champs' heats; for example, even if the first place finisher in a consolation heat has a better time than anyone in the final heat, that swimmer still places seventh.


The common term for the Individual Medley, an event in which a single swimmer swims all four strokes int the following order – Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle .

Individual Event

A swimming event in which just one swimmer participates from beginning to end.

League Championships (“A” Champs)

A meet at the end of the season between swimmers from all 26 teams in the Midlakes League. Features the top 12 (or 16) swimmers in each event. Commonly referred to as A Champs.


A summer swim league composed of 26 teams. Philosophy of fun and good sportsmanship, rather than win at all cost.

Relay Event

A swimming event in which four team members each swim a portion of the event. In the Medley Relay, each swimmer swims a different stroke. In the Free Relay, each swimmer generally swims the crawl stroke (freestyle).


Scoring is done through a point system, and differs for dual meets and the championship meets. Dual meet and championship meet scoring can be found on the Midlakes website.