What is a Swim Meet?

A swim meet is a competition between two or more clubs. Events are split by boys and girls, by stroke and by age group. During the season each swimmer may compete in any of the four basic strokes, either individually or as part of a relay team, according to age. The four basic strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

Age Groups

A swimmer's age for the Midlakes' summer season is his or her age on June 15th of that season. No exceptions can be made. The age divisions are 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 12 & Under, 14 & Under and 15 & Over (or the summer after high school graduation).

A and B Dual Meets

Each week we will swim an A meet and a B meet against another team from our division. One will be a home meet and the other will be an away meet. The coaches decide which swimmers will attend which meet based on several factors: time trials, time at previous meets, stroke technique, other siblings on the team and experience with competitive swimming. Once a swimmer attains a B disqualifying time in an event, they cannot participate in that event at a B meet. A swimmer does not have to attain a particular minimum time to participate in an A meet.

Assignments to A and B meets are made by the coaches, and are based on ability, improvement and availability for specific meets.

Swim Meet Scheduling

Dual meets are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, starting June 13th. Meets start at 6:00 PM and last approximately 3 hours. Warm-up begins at 4:45 for home meets and 5:15 for away meets.

Meet Line Up

The coaches will post each week's swimmers by event on this website.  


Each swimmer is allowed to swim in four events at dual meets with a maximum of three individual events.

Home and Away Meets

Each week one of our meets takes place at Mercerwood and the other is hosted by our competition. Maps and directions to all away meets will be provided on the team website.


The season culminates with Division Championships and League Championships. Swimmers who have not attained a B disqualification time in a specific event may swim in Division Champs. Swimmers who have achieved such times swim in the League Champs. Swimmers are limited to three events total in combined Champs, so it's possible for one swimmer to be in both, depending on their time in a particular event.

Division Champs this year will be held on July 15, 16, or 22.

League Champs this year is timed finals and will be held July 23rd at KCAC in Federal Way.

Meet Essentials

The weather and temperature can vary greatly during a meet, so be prepared and stay comfortable. Here's some ideas for what you might need: 2-4 towels, goggles, caps, dry clothes to change into after the meet, sweats to wear between events, warm clothes including shoes and socks and sleeping bags for cold meets, folding chairs, blankets, sun screen and healthy snacks and drinks (most clubs do have concessions available).

Parent Responsibilities

All parents of swimmers are required to volunteer or get someone to volunteer in your place, for a job for half the duration of each meet your child attends (excluding the Mini Mantas) in some capacity during the season. Come to the Parents' Meeting to find out what swim team is all about and what you can do to help.

It is the responsibility of parents to keep track of their children at swim meets and to be sure they are ready for their events. Parents are encouraged to write the event name, event number, lane number and heat on younger kids' arms. The information you need for your swimmer will be posted at every meet. Your swimmer will also receive a small slip of paper with his/her races listed. We highly recommend that you attend meets with your swimmers. Nothing means as much as the cheers of a parent!

Signing Out

If your swimmer in unable to attend a meet, you must sign him/her out two days before the meet on the team website so that the lineup can be adjusted. This is very important, especially for the relays. If you miss the sign out deadline, please contact the coaches as soon as possible to let them know of the absence at [email protected].


Swim meets and events depend on many parent volunteers. Each family must volunteer for a job for half the duration of each meet or event your child attendsfulfilling at least 10 obligations or time slots. 65 positions need to be filled for each home meet and 18 for each away meet. If all positions are not filled, you will be assigned responsibilities. If you are unable to fulfill your responsibilities you must find your own replacement. You should not depend on the team or event coordinators to find your replacements. The meets and special events only happen with lots of parent support. Most jobs offer learn-on-the-job training and are a fun way to meet other members! See below for volunteer positions needed.

  • Check-in

Volunteers will check 8 & under and 10 & under swimmers in for the meets beginning at 4:45 for away meets and 4:15 for home meets. 8 & under and 10 & under swimmers must check in by 5:15 PM or they will be scratched from the first event! At check-in, the swimmers will be given their events and lane assignments and their positions for their relay events.

  •  Timers

Each swimmer (lane) is timed by three timers, two from the home team and one from the visiting team. Stopwatches are provided by each team and are started with the starting light and stopped as any part of the swimmer touches the wall. The three times are recorded on the swimmer's event card and the middle one is circled and considered the official time. Back-up timers are available for each race.

  • Runners

Two runners collect the event cards from the timers after each event and deliver them to the scorekeepers. Siblings are welcome to help!

  • Ribbon Coordinators

Several volunteers place a label with the swimmer's name, event and time on the appropriate ribbon for each event. Usually done during or after the meet.

  • Announcer

A trained volunteer who announces the current and upcoming events throughout the meet.

  • Starter

A trained volunteer who starts each event and judges false starts. Must attend an Officials' Training session.

  • Stroke & Turn Judges

Trained volunteers who watch the swimmers during their events and judge whether or not their strokes and turns were swum correctly. They disqualify the swimmer if the stroke or the turn was not correct. Attend a clinic to find out what's legal and what's not.


MSC Summer Swim Team Parent Responsibilities (pdf)