All swimmers, volunteers (which includes all parents) and coaches are required to complete SafeSport annually before 1st practice.

Prior to the start of the season, details on required SafeSport training will be sent. 

MIBC Summer Swim Team Portal Link for more information

Per Midlakes Swim League, all swimmers, volunteers and coaches must complete SafeSport Training prior to attending first practice (May 13, 2024). Thank you advance for your timely attention to this important training.

1) Parents are highly encouraged to sit with their children as they go through the athlete training to answer any questions and be available to help, if needed.
2) If athletes have their own email addresses, please register using their email as this helps with course completion tracking. If athletes do not yet have an email, training may be taken under the parents' login credentials. 
3) If an athlete has completed this training as part of a year-round swim club or a different sport after May 1, 2024, participants must notify the General Manager in order to meet the Midlakes Swim League reporting requirement.

1) If you do not already have a SafeSport training account, go to:
2) Select Enrollment Key on the landing page and enter the following key where it says "key name: FSMIDLAKESmercerbeachclub (This will ensure your training is linked to MIBC)
3) Fill in the required information to sign up. You will not have a Member ID#, so can ignore this. Enter Midlakes as the "Name of Sport or Community Organization". Select the "role" that pertains to you,
Athlete/Participant: SafeSport for Kids (ages 12 and under), 15 min (free) OR SafeSport for Youth Athletes (13 and over), 15 min (free)
Parent/Volunteer: Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport, 30 min (free)
Coach: SafeSport Trained, 90 min ($20)
Swim Team Board Members: SafeSport for Volunteers - Abuse Awareness & Prevention, 15 min ($10)
4) One your information is entered correctly, click the light blue "Sign Up" button at the bottom of the web page.
5) From the Welcome page, select "Catalog" near the center of the page.
6) From the Catalog, select the appropriate training as detailed above by clicking "Enroll". Now you can begin the training.

Video (2 min) "Who is US Center for SafeSport"