SafeSport Requirements for All Midlakes Participants
(Athletes, Coaches, Parents/Volunteers, Board Members)
Midlakes Swim & Dive League is committed to improving the development and safety of
athletes and participants involved in swim, dive, and water polo. In an effort to prevent the
emotional, physical, and sexual abuse of athletes, Midlakes has implemented both
prevention training and prevention policies through the SafeSport program. The goal of all
trainings is to equip participants with knowledge on how to Prevent, Recognize, and
Respond to abuse and misconduct and keep our league safe and fun for all participants.
All athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers must take SafeSport training as part of
belonging to the Midlakes Swim & Dive League.
Coaches and Athletes must be trained before your sport’s first practice; they will not
be allowed to enter the pool until their training is complete.
Parents and volunteers must be trained:
 for Swim by June 1
 for Dive by June 25
 for Water Polo by July 31
We recommend everyone get trained as soon as possible so you don’t forget and end up
rushing to squeeze the training in at the last minute.

**SafeSport Training MUST be renewed yearly**

Each Club has a specific link and Enrollment Key to distribute to all Participants at your club
so that the training courses for each Club can be monitored and recorded. Do not share this
link or key with participants outside of your Club. Below you will find instructions for
registration and descriptions of courses available.

Please let us know what questions you have. 
Pauline Fletcher, SafeSport Administrator for Midlakes
[email protected]
Gary Kamikawa, Midlakes Board President
[email protected]

Additional SafeSport Resources:
US Center for SafeSport Website:

Descriptions of SafeSport Training Options Available and Roles:

(See Training Decision Tree on next page)

For Athletes (Role = Athlete):
As a swimmer, diver, or water polo player at your club, you are required to take one of the following
Athletes 12 and Under are required to take the free 15-minute “SafeSport training for Kids” before
you will be allowed to participate in practices or meets for Midlakes Swim & Dive League.
Athletes 13 and Over are required to take the free 15-minute “SafeSport training for Youth Athletes”
before you will be allowed to participate in practices or meets for Midlakes Swim & Dive League.
Parents/Volunteers (Role=Volunteer):
As a Parent/Volunteer at your club, you are required to take the free 30-minute “Parent’s Guide to
Misconduct in Sport” before you will be allowed to volunteer at meets for Midlakes Swim & Dive
League. Even if you won’t be a volunteer, this is great information that can help support your
Coaches (Role=Instructor):
All Coaches (19 and older) in Midlakes are required to take the paid 90-minute “SafeSport Core
Trained” before you will be allowed to swim in practices or meets for Midlakes Swim & Dive League.
- Note: If a head coach is age 15-18 (ex. Dive League), they can take the “Safe Sport for
Youth Athletes” training instead.
The SafeSport Core Training is $20. This course can be purchased by your club by using the 2024
Knowledge Guide Instructions document.
Midlakes League Board and Club Board Members (Role=Staff):
As a Board Member at your club or for the Midlakes League, you are required to take the 15-minute
“SafeSport for Volunteers Training”. Midlakes feels it is critical that the board members at each club
have a deeper understanding of the SafeSport information and procedures.
This training is $10 and can be purchased in bulk by your club by using the 2024 Knowledge Guide
Instructions document.

Here is a handy decision tree to help you determine which SafeSport training you or your athlete should take.

How to Access the Required Training
For Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club

Log in to an Existing Account:
1. Go to and log in with your existing credentials.
Create a New Account:
1. If you do not already have a SafeSport training account, go to:
2. Select Enrollment Key on the landing page and enter the following key where it says “key
name”: FSMIDLAKESnewporthills (This will ensure your training is linked to Newport Hills
Swim and Tennis Club).
3. Fill in the required information to sign up. You will not have a Member ID #, so can ignore this.
Your “Role” is explained below:
- Swimmer/Diver/Water Polo Player = Athlete
- Parent/Volunteer = Volunteer
- Coach = Instructor
- Board Member = Staff
Enter Midlakes as the “Name of Sport or Community Organization”.
4. Once your info is entered correctly, click the light blue “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the
web page. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
Access the Training:
1. From the Welcome/Dashboard page, select “Catalog” near the center of the page.
2. From the Catalog, select the appropriate training as detailed above by clicking “Enroll”. From
there, you can begin the online training session.
3. If you are taking a paid training (e.g. Volunteer, SafeSport Trained, or a Refresher course),
you will need to finish purchasing the course through the Shopping Cart first. After
purchasing, your course will be available from the “My Courses” link in the menu or from the
​If your athlete completes their training under the parent’s account, please let your Club know.
Once you and your athlete(s) have completed SafeSport training, your training certificate will be
saved within the SafeSport training system. You can access it at any time to print your certificate
in the future if needed.

SafeSport Training through Another Organization:

If you or your athlete(s) have already completed SafeSport training for another sport within the
U.S. Center for SafeSport system, please let your Club know so we can link your training to the
Midlakes/ Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club account.