EARLY REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, March 4 ($175 first swimmer)

Who can register during early registration?

  • Meadowbrook Residents - returning resident families and new resident families (but new residents need an account, see below)
  • Returning non-resident swim families may also register at this time.

What about NEW non-residents?

If you are not a resident of Meadowbrook Woods but you are interested in joining the Makos for the first time, please fill out our Non-Resident Request Form.  Returning non-resident families do not need to complete this form.

New non-resident families will be added to the waitlist for our lottery which will be conducted on April 1. The families that are selected during the lottery will receive an immediate invitation to join the team.  Families not selected will also be notified and can choose to remain on the waitlist.  As more resident families join the team, we will extend invitations to non-resident families that still remain on the waitlist.  The April 1 lottery will be the only lottery.  Non-resident families requesting to join the team after April 1 will be added to the bottom of the existing waitlist in the order in which the requests are received.

A lottery is required because the Makos must maintain a ratio of residents to non-residents per our agreement with the Meadowbrook Woods HOA.

Please note the following dates:

  • 4 March: Early registration for all residents and returning non-residents ($175 first swimmer)
  • 17 March: LAST DAY for our returning families and new residents to get the early registration discount
  • 18 March: The early registration discount has expired and the full rate is in effect ($190 first swimmer)
  • 31 March: If you are a returning non-resident family, this is your last day to register without being subject to the waitlist.  If you do not register by this date, and later decide to register, you will be placed on the waitlist if the team is at non-resident capacity.
  • 1 April: Lottery - new-non residents will be notified if their name has been selected to join the team.  New non-residents expressing interest in joining the team AFTER the lottery has been completed will be added to the waitlist in the order of receipt.
  • 1 May: Late Registration Fee of $50 per swimmer will be enforced - this applies to returning residents and non-residents.  NEW families do not pay the late fee.


*** All NEW swim families (resident or non-resident) must have an ACTIVE Makos account prior to registration. ***