Sahuarita Stingray Swim Programs

Sahuarita Stingrays teaches and encourages swimmers of all levels and abilities. We recognize and individually address the needs of each swimmer. Our swim groups are designed to emphasize age and developmentally-appropriate learning.

We have a place for every swimmer, and take pride in helping everyone reach their potential!


Swim School Program- New to Swimming and Learning the Basics

Pups (8 & Unders)

Skates (8-12)

Fitness & Development (13-17)


Age Group Swimming - Athletes have learned the basics and participating in swimming as a sport

Bat Rays (9-14)

Manta Rays (13 & Over)


Senior Swimming - High School Aged Swimmers performing at State Level or higher level competitions

Eagle Rays (14 & Over)


Masters Swimming - Adults 18 & Older looking for a recreational swimming and guided workouts

Masters (18+)


Home School Swimming - For swimmers who can complete one length (25 yards) of freestyle and backstroke.  This group will work on refining those strokes while also developing butterfly and breaststroke.  We will work on learning to swim in a group environment, clock skills, and developing aerobic and anaerobic capabilities.


RAYS Group Equipment List for 2021