2022 Winter Age Group Championships

Andrew Nguyen

2022 Winter Age Group Championships

Palm Springs, CA

December 9-11, 2022


92 of our athletes traveled to Palm Springs to represent Rose Bowl at the 2022 Winter Age Group Championships. After three days of wonderful swimming, we placed second overall as a team. There were many personal best times and many noteworthy performances throughout the weekend. This meet also provided an opportunity for us to swim relays in a Championship format, and once again relays continue to be a strength of this program. The colder temperatures allowed our athletes to bond a bit more in the warmup and warmdown pool. This proved to only strengthen our team culture. It was very clear that many of us were swimming well and that was because of how much we enjoyed being around our teammates. The love, respect, and trust each of our athletes share for each other allows us to swim for something greater than just ourselves. It showed throughout the weekend in Palm Springs. Thank you to our families and our Boosters who continue to step up and make sure our team is supported. This is truly a team effort and it takes everyone to set our athletes up for success. Congratulations to our 2022 Winter Age Group Champs team! 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!



Winter Age Group Championship Meet Recap


100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!

Anna Bonk


Connor Kim


Danika Bernal


Fiona Pudi


Jeffrey Zhang


Lex Ng


Philip Lim


New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)




Spring JO/AGC:

Senior Development:


Makiah Redson (100bk)

James Bonaccorso (50fr)

Lucca Riley (200br)

Adela Lim (200br)

Ana Mancera Rodriguez (200fl)

Adelle Brush (200IM)


Jared Lin (200bk)

Violet Perrigue (100br)

Anna Bonk (500fr, 200fr, 100bk, 100fr)

Charlotte Fishman (200fr)

Hughes Wang (100fl, 200fl)


Lilli Perner (1000fr)


Connor Kim (50fr)

Dominic Gutierrez (200fr)


Makiah Redson (200fr)


Crosby Grigg(100IM)

Elliott Lee (200IM, 400IM)


Marcus Lee (100br)


Danika Bernal (100fr)

Kate Georgino (100bk)


Ella Gutierrez (50fr, 200IM, 100fr)

Mark O'Mara (200IM)


Fan Wu (50fl)

Sarah Iturbe (200bk)


Jacob Lee(100br)

Theo Lee (200fl, 100fl)


Jeffrey Zhang(100IM,100bk,50fl,50fr)


Lex Ng (100fl, 200fr, 100fr)


Nate Lee (100br, 100IM, 50fl, 200IM)


Orion Tsai (200fr)


Rosio Valencia (200fl)


Ulziikhutag Odser(100fr)


Vanessa Luo (100fl, 50bk)


Event Winners:

Sophia Georgino- 400IM, 100br, 200IM, 200br

Danika Bernal- 50bk, 50fl, 200IM

Hughes Wang- 100fl, 200fl

Adela Lim- 100br

Rosio Valencia- 100fl

Liam Thomas- 100fr

Top 10 Finishes:

Adela Lim- 10th (100IM), 3rd (200br), 2nd (50br)

Adelle Brush- 3rd (200IM, 200br), 4th (400IM), 5th (100fl), 7th (100br), 10th (100bk)

Ana Mancera Rodriguez- 5th (100br), 6th (200fl)

Andres Benderskii - 7th (100br), 8th (200br)

Andrew Oh - 6th (100br), 9th (100fr), 5th (200br), 10th (100fl)

Anna Bonk- 8th (500fr), 9th (200fr), 3rd (50bk), 6th (100bk), 10th (100fr),

Charlotte Fishman- 6th (100fl), 7th (200fl), 10th (200fr)

Chloe Auyeung- 6th (50fr)

Christian Castro- 2nd (500fr, 1650fr), 3rd (400IM, 1000fr), 5th (200fr)

Crosby Grigg-4th (100br),7th (100fr), 8th (100IM), 8th (200fr), 5th (50br), 6th (50 fr)

Danika Bernal- 3rd (50fr), 4th (100fl), 2nd (100bk)

De'Andre Paiz- 7th (100br), 8th (200br)

Dominic Gutierrez- 5th (400IM, 200fl), 9th (200bk, 100fl)

Dylan Doctor - 5th (200bk), 6th (100fr, 100bk), 7th (100bk, 50fr)

Elijah Redson- 2nd (200bk), 9th (100bk)

Ella Gutierrez- 8th (50fr), 10th (200IM), 9th (100fr)

Ella Lesnever- 2nd (100fr), 3rd (50fr)

Elliott Lee- 8th (400IM)

Emily Waters- 2nd (200br), 7th (400IM), 8th (100br)

Fan Wu- 8th (100br), 6th (50fr), 8th (50fl)

Grant O'Mara - 6th (200fr), 10th (500fr)

Hailey Cervantes- 5th (100IM), 9th (100bk), 8th (50br)

Hughes Wang- 4th (400IM), 5th (200fr), 7th (100fr)

Ian Rho- 5th (500fr), 7th (200fr)

Jacob Lee- 6th (100br), 4th (50br)

James Bonaccorso-3rd (50br), 10th (100br)

Jeffery Zhang-8th (100bk), 9th (100IM), 3rd (50 bk), 9th (50fly)

Julia Pisano- 2nd (50fr), 5th (100fr)

Kate Georgino- 5th (200bk), 6th (100bk), 7th (100fl)

Kendall Ho- 9th (50bk), 10th (100bk)

Leah Dean- 9th (200bk), 6th (1000fr)

Lex Ng- 3rd (100br), 5th (50fr), 9th (100fl), 6th (200fr), 5th (100fr)

Liam Thomas- 3rd (1000fr), 5th (200bk), 7th (50fr), 8th (100bk), 10th (200IM)

Mark O'Mara- 4th (400IM), 6th (200bk), 10th (500fr)

Megan Lee- 2nd (200fr, 400IM), 4th (200IM), 8th (100fr)

Meron Worku- 7th (200bk), 8th (100bk)

Mia Bugarin - 2nd (500fr, 200fr), 4th (400IM), 5th (1000fr), 6th (100fr), 7th (200fl)

Natalee Yun-9th (100br)

Nate Lee- 9th (100br), 10th (200IM)

Noah Kim- 6th (50bk), 8th (100bk)

Oliver Mann- 5th (50fr), 9th (400IM, 200fr)

Olivia Lee - 7th (200br)

Orion Tsai- 4th (200fr), 5th (50bk), 2nd (100bk), 6th (100fr)

Peter Lin- 9th (200fl)

Rosio Valencia- 6th (100br), 9th (200fl), 8th (200fr), 3rd (200IM)

Ryan Manzanero - 6th (200bk), 10th (100bk)

Sammy Fujii- 9th (100fl)

Sarah Iturbe- 4th (200bk), 6th (200fr), 9th (100bk), 10th (100fr)

Sophia Georgino- 3rd (100bk, 100fl)

Theo Lee- 6th (200fl), 8th (100fl), 10th (100br)

Tina Lin - 9th (200br)

Vanessa Luo- 9th (100fl), 5th (50bk), 6th (50fl)


Top 3 Relays:

1st- Boys 15&O 800FR A (Otis Tsai, Oliver Mann, Mark O'Mara, Christian Castro)

2nd- Girls 11-12 200FR A (Fan Wu, Ella Gutierrez, Rosio Valencia, Danika Bernal)

2nd- Girls 11-12 400MR A (Danika Bernal, Adela Lim, Rosio Valencia, Fan Wu)

2nd- Girls 15&O 200FR A (Chloe Auyeung, Ella Lesnever, Sophia Georgino, Julia Pisano)

2nd- Girls 15&O 400FR A (Julia Pisano, Megan Lee, Sophia Georgino, Ella Lesnever)

2nd- Girls 15&O 800FR A (Sophia Georgino, Ella Lesnever, Julia Pisano, Megan Lee)

2nd-Boys 13-14 400FR A (Hughes Wang, Henry Yang, Andrew Oh, Liam Thomas)

2nd-Boys 13-14 800 FR B (David Chung, Ryan Manzanero, Andrew Oh, Grant O'Mara)

2nd-Girls 13-14 200 FR A (Hughes Wang, Henry Yang, Andrew Oh, Liam Thomas)

2nd-Girls 13-14 200 FR A (Mia Bugarin, Chloe Kim, Claire Huang, Dylan Doctor)

2nd-Girls 13-14 200MR A (Liam Thomas, Henry Yang, Hughes Wang, Andrew Oh)

2nd-Girls 13-14 400 FR A (Dylan Doctor, Chloe Kim, Olivia Lee, Mia Bugarin)

3rd- Boys 11-12 200FR A (Orion Tsai, Ben Hankins, Nate Lee, Lex Ng)

3rd- Boys 11-12 200FR A (Orion Tsai, Ben Hankins, Nate Lee, Lex Ng)

3rd- Boys 11-12 200MR A (Orion Tsai, James Bonaccorso, Nate Lee, Lex Ng)

3rd- Boys 11-12 200MR A (Orion Tsai, James Bonaccorso, Nate Lee, Lex Ng)

3rd- Boys 11-12 400MR A (Noah Kim, Lex Ng, Nate Lee, Orion Tsai)

3rd- Boys 15&O 200FR A (Oliver Mann, Christian Castro, Lucca Riley, Otis Tsai)

3rd- Girls 13-14 800FR A (Lilli Perner, Chloe Kim, Dylan Doctor, Mia Bugarin)

3rd- Girls 15&O 400MR A (Sophia Georgino, Ana Mancera Rodriguez, Adelle Brush, Ella Lesnever)

3rd- Boys 13-14 800FR A (Lilli Perner, Chloe Kim, Dylan Doctor, Mia Bugarin)