2023 Road to Paris Senior Invite

Andrew Nguyen

Road to Paris/Senior Development Invite 

January 14-16


La Mirada hosted a three-day prelims-finals meet during MLK weekend for Senior-level athletes throughout SoCal. Prelim sessions were held short course yards before the pool was flipped to long course meters for finals to give athletes an opportunity to qualify for the 2024 U.S. Olympic Trials. Despite the weather being less than optimal and racing in both pool formats, our Rose Bowl athletes swam very well and with some great efforts throughout each session. We took both the rain and sunshine in stride and took advantage of the opportunity to simply race tough, no matter the circumstances. We walked away with many new best times, including one Olympic Trials qualifier! We learned that the harder it is now, the easier it’ll be down the road. More important than the best times and swims, every athlete was able to enjoy each other’s company in some cold and wet weather. 


Parents, thank you for driving your athletes to the meet and sitting through the rain to support the team. A huge shoutout to all parents who helped transport and set up our team area to keep the kids as protected as possible from the rain. 2023 and the Road to Paris started with a memorable, although very rainy, meet at La Mirada for our team and it simply provided an opportunity for us to be that much better through growth and learning. 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!



Road to Paris/Senior Development Invitational Meet Recap


New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)

Olympic Trials:


Rex Maurer (400IM)


Junior Nationals:


Nathan Kim (200bk)


New Records:


New SCS Record:


17-18 Boys SCY 400IM - (Rex Maurer)


New Team Records:

Open Boys SCY 200IM (Rex Maurer) - 1:45.78 (prev. 1:46.81)

17-18 Boys LCM 400IM (Rex Maurer) - 4:22.51 (prev. 4:25.91)

Open Boys SCY 400IM (Rex Maurer) - 3:46.29 (prev. 3:52.46)

Open boys LCM 100bk (Rex Maurer) - 56.25 (prev. 56.88)

Open boys SCY 200bk (Rex Maurer) - 1:43.09 (prev. 1:44.94)

Open boys LCM 200bk (Rex Maurer) - 2:02.12 (prev. 2:03.17)


Event Winners:


Rex Maurer (400IM, 100bk, 200bk)

Athan Boutakidis (50fr)

Daniel Li (100br)


Top 8 Finishes:


Edward Kim (100br, 200fl, 200br, 50fr, 100fl)

Nathan Kim (100br, 200fr, 100bk, 100fr, 200bk)

Max Cahill (400IM, 100bk, 50fr, 100fl)

Daniel Li (200fr, 100fr, 200IM, 100fl)

Kenneth Devis (100br, 200br, 100fl)

Jonathan Gim ( 100bk, 100fr, 50fr)

Ray Liu (100bk, 200bk, 200IM)

Igor Benderskii (100fr, 200fr)

Aly Yokoyama (100bk, 200bk)

Hojung Yoon (100bk, 50fr)

Ryan Makouar (200fl, 100fl)

Rex Maurer (100br)

Gavin Santoso (100br)

Natalie Walklett (100br)

Addie Gish (400IM)