2023 AAPI Lunar Festival

Andrew Nguyen

Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) Lunar Festival

February 17-20


The AAPI Lunar Festival held at the Marguerite Recreation Center in Mission Viejo offered a prelims-finals meet opportunity before our Age Group swimmers headed into Spring Championship meets. We raced with plenty of excitement and passion and it resulted in many second swims in finals as well as season and personal best times. We continued to grow and learn about our abilities by racing in many more events than we were used to. 


A big thank you to everyone who took the time to cheer for their teammates! As always, thank you to our team parents for getting our team set up and making sure our team was taken care of all weekend long. Congratulations Rose Bowl athletes! 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!


AAPI Lunar Festival









100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!









Amelie Ostray







Claire Huang







Crosby Grigg







Daniella Aparacio







Deven Shah







Grant O'Mara







Henry Yang







Jacob Lee







Jeffery Zhang







Matthew Chang





Olivia Lee







Ryan Manzanero







Violet Perrigue















New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)









14U Spring Champs:






Amelie Ostray (50br, 100br)






Chloe Kim (50fr)






Danika Bernal (50fr)






Deven Shah (100fl)






Ethan Yi (100fr)






Fan Wu (100br)






Henry Yang (500fr, 200fr)






Jeffery Zhang (50bk)






Lex Ng (100br)






Olivia Lee (400IM, 200fl, 200br)






Rosio Valencia (200IM)






Ryan Manzanero (200fl, 100fr, 100fl)






Violet Perrigue (100br, 100IM)














Event Winners:

Connor Kim- 200fr, 50fr






Crosby Grigg- 100br, 100IM, 100fr






Danika Bernal- 100fr, 50bk, 100bk, 50fl, 100IM






Ethan Yi- 100bk






Fan Wu- 50br, 100br






Grant O'Mara- 1000fr






Jacob Lee- 50br






Jeffery Zhang- 50bk






Liam Thomas- 500fr






Ryan Manzanero- 200fl






Violet Perrigue- 100 br














Top 3 Finishes:

Andres Benderskii - 3rd (200br)





Crosby Grigg- 3rd (50bk), 3rd (100bk), 2nd (50fr), 3rd (200IM)





Danika Bernal -3rd (200IM)





Ethan Yi - 2nd (200bk, 400IM), 3rd (50fr)





Fan Wu - 3rd (50fr)





Grant O'Mara - 3rd (500fr)





Krista Caballeros - 2nd (100br)





Lex Ng - 2nd (50br) 3rd (100br)





Liam Thomas - 3rd (50fr, 200IM)





Olivia Lee - 2nd (200fl), 3rd (100br, 200br, 400IM)





Rosio Valencia - 2nd (500fr, 200IM)





Ulziikhutag Odser- 2nd (50bk), 3rd (50fl), 3rd (200fr), 2nd (100fl)





Violet Perrigue- 2nd (100IM), 3rd (50fl)





Wynslow Grigg- 2nd (100bk)













Top 3 Relays:




1st- 10U Boys 200MR A-(Jeffery Zhang, Jacob Lee, Ulziikhutag Odser, Crosby Grigg)