2023 Pacific Committee Championships

Andrew Nguyen

2023 Pacific Committee Championships

February 24-26


The 2023 PAC Champs was a meet to remember in so many ways. In addition to our athletes putting up many personal lifetime best times, Southern California also experienced some record-setting numbers in rain and temperatures. Despite the less-than-ideal weather conditions, Rose Bowl Aquatics stepped up and showed real grit all weekend long. Rose Bowl athletes, families, and coaches focused on the controllables and made the best of a weekend that we will always remember. We came together and made some real core memories with each other. Sometimes, we just have to experience the worst situations to appreciate what we have. 


Congratulations to all Rose Bowl athletes on not only achieving your personal best times, but more importantly learning about yourself as you pushed beyond your limits and learning that you can be at your best in any situation. Way to step out of your comfort zones and still expect to be at your very best! Getting out of your comfort zone requires you to show vulnerability and that is the foundation in gaining self-confidence for the future!  


A huge thank you to our parents for showing up, setting up, volunteering, and everything in between to make sure our athletes and team were taken care of. We made it work and took care of all attending Pacific Committee teams. Thank you all volunteers for your patience and resilience as we put on the best meet possible for PAC Champs. 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!




Pacific Committee Championships Meet Recap






100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!






Adela Lim

Hailey Cervantes




Adelaide MacLean

James Bonaccorso




Ana Mancera Rodriguez

Kate Lee




Ben Borton

Michael Munder




Casey Gmelich

Nate Lee




Chase Nam

Oskar Kosloff




Chloe Auyeung

Peter Lin




David Dean

Reilly Espinosa




De'Andre Paiz

Ryan McGuinness




Elijah Redson

Steven Xie




Ella Gutierrez

Tiantian Zhou




Ella Lesnever

Vahagn Melkumyants









New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)








Summer AG Champs:



Akhil Venuturupalli (100fr, 200fr)

Chase Nam (100bk, 200bk)

Andrew Street (50fl)



Aslan Lee (50fr)

Leah Dean (1650fr)

Ava Decallar (100bk)



Ben Hankins (50bk, 100bk)


Ben Hankins (50bk)



Camila Purizaca (200IM)


Christian Kim (50br)



Christian Kim (50bk)


Connor Kim (50fl)



David Dean (100fl, 200IM, 50fr)


David Dean (50fl)



Ethan Shin (500fr)


Isabella Bonaccorso (200br)



Evan Kim (50bk)


James Bonaccorso (200fr)



Jack Walker (200fr)


Jared Lin (100bk)



Kate Lee (100fr, 50fr)


Keisari Penman (100bk)



Kieran Shah (200fr)


Lilli Perner (100fr)



Kristiani Vallesteros (100br)


Lillian Boyle (50bk)



Leon Markarian (50fr, 100fr)


Nolan Yokoyama (100bk, 100br)



Maggie Brantingham (100fr, 100IM)


Oskar Kosloff (100fr, 100bk, 50fl)



Mia Zavaleta (50fr


Vahagn Melkumyants (200br)



Reese Miller (500fr)


Vincent Liao (50fl, 100bk)



Ryan Wang (50fr, 100fr)


Zara Groves (100bk)



Terra Reimers (100fr)





Xander Leu (50fr)










14U Spring Champs:



Senior Development:


Adela Lim (200IM, 50fl)

James Bonaccorso (100fr)

Amelie Ostray (100br)

Ana Mancera Rodriguez (200fl, 400IM)


Anna Bonk (100IM)

Luke Reynoso (50fr)

Chase Nam (50fr, 100fr)

De'Andre Paiz (200IM)


Ben Hankins (100fr, 200 fr)

Mikayla Chan (100fl)

Jeffery Zhang(100fr,200fr,200IM)

Elijah Redson (100bk)


Craig O'Mara (200IM)

Natalee Yun (100fr)

Thor Pearson (50fr, 100fr, 200fr)

Elliott Lee (200br)


Ella Gutierrez (100bk, 100br, 100fl)

Sam Baker (100fr)


Emily Waters (100fl)


Hailey Cervantes (100fl, 100fr, 50fr)

Sophie Badie (50fr, 200fr)


Lucca Riley (100br)


James Bonaccorso (50fr)

Violet Perrigue (50fl)


Makiah Redson (200fr


Nate Lee (100fr, 50fr, 500fr)

Zara Groves (50fr)


Mark O'Mara (100bk, 200bk)


Noah Kim (100IM)





Violet Perrigue (50br)










Event Winners:






Adelle Brush (100fl, 200IM)

Jeffery Zhang (100br, 100fr, 200fr, 200IM)




Amelie Ostray (100br)

Kate Georgino (100bk)




Ben Hankins (200fr, 50br)

Liam Thomas (400IM)




Chloe Kim (50fr)

Lilian Boyle (50bk)




Craig O'Mara (200IM)

Michael Munder (100fr)




Danika Bernal (400IM, 200bk, 500fr)

Nate Lee (400IM, 100fr, 500fr)




Ella Gutierrez (100br)

Noah Kim (100IM)




Ella Lesnever (50fr, 100fr)

Orion Tsai (100bk)




Ethan Yi (100fl)

Rosio Valencia (200br)




Grant O'Mara (200IM)

Vincent Liao (50fl)




Hailey Cervantes (50fr)

Violet Perrigue (100IM, 200fr)





Wynslow Grigg (100bk)









Top 8 Finishes:






Adela Lim- 6th (200fr), 4th (100fr), 2nd (50fl), 2nd (200IM)

Evan Kim- 6th (50bk)

Natalee Yun - 5th (200br)



Aiden Lautman- 3rd(100bk), 2nd(100br), 5th(200fr), 3rd(50bk)

Fan Wu - 2nd (200br), 3rd (400IM), 5th (200fr)

Neila Kelly - 7th (200br)



Amelie Ostray- 5th(100IM)

Grant O'Mara - 3rd (100fl), 5th (400IM)

Noah Kim- 3rd (400IM)



Ana Mancera Rodriguez- 2nd (400IM)

Hailey Cervantes- 3rd (100fr), 2nd (500fr)

Nolan Yokoyama-8th (200bk)



Andrew Oh- 5th (200br)

Henry Lyu - 6th (1650fr)

Oliver Mann- 4th (50fr), 5th (100fr, 200fr)



Andrew Street- 2nd(100fr), 4th(200fr), 4th(50fly)

Hughes Wang- 6th (100bk, 200IM)

Olivia Lee - 7th (200bk), 8th (50fr)



Anna Bonk- 2nd (100IM), 4th (200IM)

Ian Rho- 4th (200fr), 8th (400IM)

Orion Tsai - 2nd (200bk)



Aria Conroy- 6th(500fr)

Isabella Bonaccorso - 6th (200br)

Oskar Kosloff-8th (100bk), 2nd (100IM), 6th (100fr), 6th (50fl), 2nd (100br)



Athan Boutakidis- 2nd (100fr)

Jacob Lee- 4th(100fr), 2nd(200IM), 6th(50fl), 5th(50fr)

Peter Lin- 3rd (100fl), 4th (200fl), 8th (100bk)



Ava Descallar- 2nd(100bk), 6th(50bk), 8th(50fr)

James Bonaccorso-3rd (200fr), 5th (100bk), 3rd (50fr), 5th (100fr), 3rd (200IM)

Philip Lim - 5th (200IM)



Ben Hankins-3rd (100IM), 3rd (100fr), 5th (50bk)

Kate Georgino- 3rd (200bk, 400IM), 5th (100fl)

Raymond Li- 5th (200fr), 6th (100bk), 6th (50fr), 7th (100fr), 3rd (500fr), 2nd (50bk)



Charlotte Fishman- 3rd (100fl), 8th (50fr)

Kate Lee- 4th(100fr), 2nd(50fr)

Reese Miller- 5th (500fr)



Chloe Auyeung- 2nd (50fr,100fr), 7th (100fl)

Kate Menjivar- 6th(100bk), 5th(200IM)

Rosio Valencia - 2nd (200bk, 50fr)



Chloe Kim - 3rd (500fr), 4th (100fr), 6th (200fr)

Keisari Penman-5th (100bk)

Sarah Iturbe- 3rd (100bk), 4th (200bk, 100fr)



Christian Castro- 5th (200IM)

Kendal Ho - 3rd (100 IM, 200IM), 4th (400IM), 7th (100fr)

StevenXie-8th (500fr)



Claire Huang - 5th (200br, 100fr), 7th (50fr)

Kristen Caballeros - 8th (100fl)

Theo Lee- 2nd (100fl), 8th (200br)



Connor Kim- 3rd(100fr), 5th(100IM), 3rd(200fr), 5th(50bk), 2nd(50fly)

Leah Dean - 3rd (1650fr), 8th (200bk), 8th (200IM)

Thor Pearson - 7th (200fr)



Craig O'Mara- 3rd (100bk), 7th (50fr), 4th (100IM), 4th (100fr), 3rd (50bk)

Lex Ng - 5th (100br)

Tiantian Zhou- 7th(100bk), 7th(100fr), 8th(100fr), 7th(50fl)



David Dean- 5th (50fl)

Lilli Perner-3rd (100fr), 7th (200IM), 4th (500fr)

Tina Lim - 6th (200IM)



De'Andre Paiz- 2nd (200br)

Lillian Boyle-7th (200IM)

Towa Murdock-8th (100fr), 8th (200fr)



Deven Shah - 2nd (100fr, 100fl)

Lily Chen- 8th(50fly)

Vahagn Melkumyants-7th (200br)



Dominic Gutierrez- 2nd (200fl), 4th (400IM), 5th (100fl), 8th (200bk)

Lucca Riley- 6th (50fr)

Vanessa Luo - 7th (100fl)



Dylan Doctor - 3rd (200fr, 200br, 200IM)

Makiah Redson- 5th (200fr)

Vincent Liao- 5th(100bk), 6th(50bk)



Elijah Redson- 4th (200bk), 5th (100bk)

Marcus Lee- 7th (200fr), 4th (100fl), 5th (200IM)

Violet Perrigue- 2nd(100br), 3rd(200IM), 2nd(50fl)



Ella Gutierrez- 2nd (400IM), 3rd (200fr), 2nd (100bk), 4th (50bk)

Mark O'Mara- 3rd (400IM, 200bk, 200fr), 7th (100bk)

Wynslow Grigg- 3rd(200fr), 7th(100IM), 2nd(50bk), 3rd(50fly)



Ella Lesnever- 6th (200fr)

Matthew Chang - 7th (400IM)

Zara Groves-5th (100bk)



Elliott Lee- 2nd (200IM)

Meron Worku- 2nd (100bk), 3rd (200IM), 6th (200bk)




Emily Waters- 6th (100fl)

Mia Kronson- 4th (200IM, 100fl), 5th (200bk), 8th (100bk)









Top 3 Relays:


1st - 13-14 Boys 200 FR A - (Ethan Yi, Grant O"Mara, Chris Wong, Lex Ng)


1st- 11-12 Girls 200FR A- (Hailey Cervtanes, Kendall Ho, Adela Lim, Rosio Valencia)


1st- 11-12 Girls 400MR A- (Ella Gutierrez, Kendall Ho, Fan Wu, Hailey Cervantez)


1st- 15&O Boys 200FR A- (Oliver Mann, Lucca Riley, Ian Rho, Thor Pearson)


1st- 15&O Boys 400MR A- (Elijah Redson, De'Andre Paiz, Hughes Wang, Oliver Mann)


1st- 15&O Girls 200FR A- (Makiah Redson, Ella Lesnever, Chloe Auyeung, Charlotte Fishman)


1st- 15&O Girls 400MR A- (Kate Georgino, Emily Waters, Mia Kronson, Ella Lesnever)


1st-11-12 Boys 200FR A- (James Bonaccorso, Craig O'Mara, Raymond Li, Nate Lee)


1st-11-12 Boys 400MR A-(James Bonaccorso, Oskar Kosloff, Orion Tsai, Nate Lee)


2nd- 10u Girls 200FR A- (Violet Perrigue, Wynslow Grigg, Ava Descallar, Kate Lee)


2nd- 15&O Boys 200FR B- (Chase Nam, De'Andre Paiz, Hughes Wang, Mark O'Mara)


2nd- 15&O Boys 400MR B- (Dominic Gutierrez, Theo Lee, Peter Lin, Ian Rho)


2nd- 15&O Girls 400MR B- (Meron Worku, Natalee Yun, Charlotte Fishman, Chloe Auyeung)


2nd-11-12 Boys 400MR B- (Ben Hankins, Raymond Li, Marcus Lee, Craig O'Mara)


2nd-13-14 Girls 200FR A-(Chloe Kim, Claire Huang, Olivia Lee, Sarah Chung)


3rd- 10u Boys 200FR A- (Quincy Duong, Christian Kim, Vincent Liao, Aiden Lautman)


3rd- 15&O Girls 200FR B- (Sarah Iturbe, Maya Borkar, Meron Worku, Emily Waters)


3rd-11-12 Boys 200FR B- (Marcus Lee, Aslan Lee, Aren Ghazaryan, Oskar Kosloff)