2023 Pacific Committee Finale

Andrew Nguyen

2023 Pacific Committee Finale

March 4


The Pacific Committee Finale meet provided an opportunity for many of our athletes to close out the Short Course season with a championship meet. Many of our Rose Bowl athletes achieved lifetime best times and it was a wonderful ending to the season before we transition to the Long Course season. The PAC Finale meet was the perfect springboard for our athletes to experience racing in new events. There were many opportunities to race in relays with teammates and experience a Championship meet for our younger athletes! Congratulations to all! Let’s keep rolling into the Long Course season! 


Thank you once again to our parents for setting up our team and making sure our athletes were taken care of throughout the meet. As always, it takes a true team effort to make sure our athletes feel supported. Teamwork makes the dream work and it takes all athletes, families, and coaches to ensure that Rose Bowl Aquatics is always moving in the right direction and improving. 


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!




Pacific Committee Finale Meet Recap









100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!









Aariv Trivedi








Celina Wang








Daniel An








Iris Kent








Marcus Soetanto








Minji Cho








Sophia Covarrubias
















New event swims:

Congratulations to these swimmers who achieved NEW times in events they’ve never swum before!

Avantika Natraj






Clive Kim








Colin Quek








Daniel An

100bk, 100br, 100fr







Jordan Choi

200fr, 100fl







Joseph Jeong








Lukas Cha

100fr, 100IM







Marcus Soetanto








Mia Shibata








Minji Cho

50fl, 100IM







Ryan Leung
















New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)

















Celina Wang (100IM)
















Top 8 Finishes:


Aariv Trivedi 2nd (100IM,50fl), 3rd (100fr), 7th(50br)

Asher MacMilan 3rd(50bk), 5th (100IM), 6th (50fl),8th(50br)

Aubrey Jones - 8th (200fr)

Avantika Natraj 5th (50fl)

Ceci Walker 5th (50br)

Celina Wang 3rd (100IM), 4th (50br), 6th (50bk), 7th (50fr)

Clive Kim 4th(50br),5th (50fl), 6th (50bk, 100fr)

Colin Quek- 6th (50br), 4th (50fr),

Gabby Ocampo - 5th (200fr), 6th (100br)

Joesph Jeong 7th (50bk)

John Hovhannisyan - 5th (200IM)

Lukas Cha- 8th (100fr), 3rd (50bk)

Maia Mills - 7th (200fr)

Marcu Soetanto 3rd (25fly,25br,25bk), 2nd (25fr)

Minji Cho- 8th (50fl)

Qier Wang - 7th (100br), 8th (100fr)

Ryan McGuinness - 3rd (200fr), 5th (100fr), 7th (100fl)

Shae Addiego - 3rd (200fr), 5th (100br)

Sophie McCollum - 6th (100fl), 8th (200IM)

Suri Trivedi 7th(100fr,100IM)


Top 3 Relays:

1st- 11-12 Girls 200FR A- (Abbie Yeung, Delancey Wolan, Sarah Russell, Michelle Yeung)

1st- 11-12 Girls 200MR A- (Michelle Yeung, Cecilia Walker, Abbie Yeung, Sarah Russell)

3rd- 11-12 Boys 200FR A- (Lukas Cha, Jackson Song, Darren Wong, Colin Quek)

Boys 13-18 200FR A - 1st (Danial Jamshidi, Jack Pemberton, Jordan Choi, Ryan Leung)

Boys 13-18 200MR A - 1st (Danial Jamshidi, Jack Pemberton, Jordan Choi, Ryan McGuinness)

Girls 13-18 200FR - 1st (Maia Mills, Aubrey Jones, Gabirella Ocampo, Qier Wang)

Girls 13-18 200MR A - 1st (Sophie McCollum, Gabriella Ocampo, Qier Wang, Maia Mills)

Girls 13-18 200MR B - 2nd (Marlo Cronin, Breanne Hebron, Sophia Covarrubias, Aubrey Jones)