2023 Speedo Sectionals

Andrew Nguyen

2023 Spring Speedo Sectionals

March 1-5


We had 50 Rose Bowl athletes make the trip to Carlsbad for the 2023 Speedo Spring Sectionals. This was our largest team ever at this meet and we used our strength in numbers to our advantage. Our team stepped up and was very successful. After 3.5 days of racing over seven sessions, our Women and Men combined to take the team title. We experienced the many ups and downs of a Championship meet. We saw our team break multiple Rose Bowl and Southern California Swimming records. We saw our athletes swim all of their personal bests times and were better than they’ve ever been. We also saw our athletes grow and learn through struggles and learning about their own process. While we typically like to celebrate personal best times, we also celebrate our athletes who mature and learn about their own process and areas of opportunity. Overall, this meet proved to be an incredible experience and is simply the beginning of something greater.


A huge shoutout to our parent chaperones Michelle Madrigal, Felice Tio, GenHee Kim, and Andy Liu for taking care of our team throughout the week. Thank you to the Boosters for supporting this travel trip and setting our team up for success. A special shoutout to Coach David for driving the canopies down to Carlsbad and setting up our team area before driving back to Pasadena for practice! 


To our athletes, thank you for your efforts and for stepping up for each other all weekend long. It was rewarding to watch all of you come together as a team and create some real core memories.

Congratulations to our 2023 Speedo Sectional Team Champions!


Rose Bowl on 3, Family on 6!



Spring Speedo Sectionals Meet Recap


New Cuts:

These swimmers achieved new cuts (relative to group placement criteria)


Senior Development:


Winter Junior Nationals:

Summer Junior Nationals:


Charlotte Fishman (200fl)

Karina Hartounian (200fl)

Edward Kim (200br)

Ray Liu (200bk)


Dominic Gutierrez (100fr)


New Records:


New SCS Record:

17-18 Boys 400IM (Rex Maurer) - 3:41.94 (prev. 3:46.29)

17-18 Boys 200bk (Rex Maurer) - 1:42.30 (prev. 1:43.09)


New Team Records:

15-16 Boys 400IM (Ray Liu) - 3:53.72 (prev. 3:56.52)

17-18 Girls 400IM (Hojung Yoon) - 4:16.68 (prev. 4:25.51)

17-18 Girls 200bk (Hojung Yoon) - 1:58.31 (prev. 2:01.66)


Event Winners:


Rex Maurer- 200fr, 400IM, 100bk, 500fr, 200bk


Top 8 Finishes:


Addie Gish- 6th (500fr)

Alekos Binder- 6th (200br)

Aly Yokoyama -6th (100bk)

Chloe Addiego- 10th (100fl),

Daniel Li- 10th (200fr),

Hojung Yoon- 4th (400IM), 4th (100bk), 7th (200br), 4th (200bk), 8th (200IM)

Igor Benderskii- 7th (200fr)

Jonathan Gim- 2nd (50fr)

Lily Dormans- 9th (200fr), 7th (500fr)

Max Cahill- 6th (100fl), 9th (200fl)

Nathan kim- 5th (100bk), 8th (100fr), 7th (200IM)

Ray Liu- 5th (400IM), 3rd (100bk), 4th (200bk), 6th (200IM)

Ryan Makouar- 8th (100fly), 8th (200fly)

Zach Larrick- 9th (200fr), 9th (100fr)


Top 3 Relays:

1st- 15-18 Boys 400FR A- (Jonathan Gim, Rex Maurer, Nathan Kim, Daniel Li)

1st- 15-18 Boys 400MR A- (Rex Maurer, Daniel Li, Max Cahill, Nathan Kim)

1st- 15-18 Boys 800FR A- (Igor Benderskii, Rex Maurer, Jonathan Gim, Ray Liu)

2nd- 15-18 Boys 800FR B- (Nathan Kim, Daniel Li, Zach Larrick, Max Cahill)