2023 Winter Age Group Championships

Cameron Ware

Good Afternoon Rose Bowl Families,

A few weeks ago we competed at the 2023 Winter Age Group Championships in San Clemente, and the meet turned out to be a huge success! This year we saw a total of 140 swimmers competing for Rose Bowl, which is a 52% increase from the previous year! Very impressive numbers indeed! All of our athletes did an amazing job of stepping up for their races and giving their best effort, and the results speak for themselves. The full extent of personal bests can be seen below, but some notable highlights from the meet include a large number of finals heats composed of 60% (sometimes more) Rose Bose Bowl swimmers; a 100 fly swim off that ended with a Rose Bowl victory; and a brand new Southern California Swimming Record holder! It just goes to show how far our team has come in the last year, and how much hard work and dedication you all put into this endeavor. Keep it up!

One of the biggest highlights of this meet was seeing all of the fun that the swimmers had with each other outside of racing, and the positive environment that created. At any given point you could look around and see swimmers and coaches smiling and laughing together, just having a great time. While we train separately day to day, it’s always great to see the entire team come together as one cohesive unit to accomplish something great. It’s one of the things that makes this team so amazing!

Congratulations to every swimmer who competed at WAGs, a big thank you to all of the parents for volunteering and shuttling your swimmers, and congratulations to the coaches, for all of the amazing work you do!


Coach Cameron

2023 Winter Age Group Championships Recap










100% Best Times:

Congratulations to these swimmers who swam their full schedules and achieved personal best times across the board!







Abby Chatalyan

Jayden Kadiman






Adela Lim

Lilli Perner






Aiden Han

Marcus Soetanto






Ben Hankins

Mary Li






Camilla Guillermo

Mason Ho






Ceci Walker

Mia Bugarin






Celina Wang

Nicholas Bandari






Claire Huang

Nolan Yokoyama






Connor Kim

Olivia Lee






Cooper Ren

Phillip Lim






Craig O'Mara

Reese Miller






Elise Montanez

Scott Isa






Ella Gutierrez

Thor Pearson






Grant O'Mara

Towa Murdock






Hailey Cervantes

Ulziikhutag Odser






Jack Walker

Vanessa Luo






James Bonaccorso

Vincent Liao






Jason Zhang



































New Cuts:












Summer Age Group Champs:

14U Spring Champs:






Andres Benderskii (200IM, 400IM)

Anna Bonk (200bk)

Ceci Walker (100br, 50br)

Alex Li (200fr)

Anna Bonk (200fr, 50bk)



Camilla Guillermo (100fr, 200fr)

Elise Montanez (100br, 50br)

David Chung (200fl)

Connor Kim (100fl)

Connor Kim (100fr, 50fr)



Celina Wang (100fr, 200fr, 50bk)

Jack Walker (50fr, 100bk, 200bk)

Mary Li (50fl)

Jacob Wang (200fr, 100bk)

Ella Gutierrez (50fl)



Chase Nam (200IM)

Jacob Wang (50fr, 100fr, 200IM)

Reese Miller (500fr, 100fr)

Jeffrey Zhang (50bk)

Hailey Cervantes(200fr)



Kristina Gorovala (50bk, 100bk, 100IM)

Jason Zhang (50fr)

Ulziikhutag Odser (200IM, 100fl)


Jacob Lee (50fr)



Leo Zhang (200fr, 200IM)

Jeffrey Zhang (100bk)



Lilli Perner (200fr, 1650fr)



Marcus Soetanto (50br)

Moses Sillas (50fr, 100bk, 100br, 100IM)



Scott Isa (100bk, 100br, 50bk)



Phillip Lim (400IM)

Xander Leu (100bk)



Violet Perrigue (100br)



Sam Baker (200fr)







Tiffany Gonzalez (100fl)







Towa Murdock (200fr, 500fr)







Vincent Liao (100bk, 50bk)














































































Sr. Dev:






Hailey Cervantes (100br, 200IM)

Sam Baker (100fr)

Abby Chatalyan (100fr, 200fr, 100fl)

Mia Bugarin (200fr, 1000fr, 1650fr)




Ella Gutierrez (100fl)

Reilly Espinosa (100fr)

Henry Lyu (100br)

Jayden Kadiman (200fl)




Amelie Ostray (50br)

Phillip Lim (200br)

Hailey Cervantes (200br)

Dylan Wee (100br)





Henry Lyu (200br)

Franco Blancaflor (100fr)






Towa Murdock (1000fr)

Adelle Brush (400IM, 200fl, 100fl)






Manny Quintero (100bk, 200bk)

Charlotte Fishman (200fl)






Jude Walsh (200fr, 1650fr)

Jayden Kadiman (200IM)






Abby Chatalyan (200fl)

Theo Lee (100br)






Camilla Guillermo (200bk)

Grant O'Mara (500fr, 1000fr, 1650fr)







Cooper Ren (100bk, 200IM)







Liam Thomas (500fr)







Emily Waters (100br)

































New Records:







New SCS Records:







5-10 Boys 50 Br (Jacob Lee)- 32.31 (prev. 32.38)














New Team Records:







10U Boys 50br (Jacob Lee)- 32.31 (prev. 34.35)







10U Boys 100br (Jacob Lee)- 1:12.44 (prev. 1:15.10)





















Event Winners:







Anna Bonk- 100bk







Hailey Cervantes- 200br







Scott Isa- 50bk







Jacob Lee- 50br, 100br







Amelie Ostray- 50br







Ana Brill- 400IM







Christian Castro- 1650fr, 500fr, 200fr, 1000fr







Allie Kim- 100br







Abby Lee- 200br







Ryan Lee- 100fr







Ella Lesnever- 100fr







Gavin Santoso- 100br







Sophia Xu- 200fl







Henry Yang- 100br, 200IM







Mia Bugarin- 1650fr, 500fr, 200fr, 1000fr







Mark O'Mara- 400IM







Grant O'Mara- 500fr, 1000fr



































Top 10 Finishes:







Abby Chatalyan- 8th (200fl, 500fr), 9th (200fr), 10th (100fr)

Hailey Cervantes- 2nd (100br), 7th (100fl), 2nd (100IM), 5th (200fr), 2nd (200IM)






Abby Lee 5th- (400IM), 2nd (100br), 2nd (200IM),

Henry Yang- 7th (50fr), 2nd (50fr, 200br)






Adela Lim- 2nd (200br) 3rd (100br)

Hughes Wang- 10th (400IM), 4th (200fl), 9th (100fl)






Adelle Brush- 6th (400IM), 10th (100br), 5th (200fl), 6th (100fl)

Ian Rho- 8th (200fr), 10th (1000fr)






Aiden Han- 8th (200br)

Jack Walker- 9th (100bk)






Aiden Lautman- 6th (50bk), 9th (100bk), 10th (100br), 10th (200fr)

Jacob Lee- 7th (100IM), 4th (50fr), 9th (100fr)






Alex Li- 6th (50br), 9th (100br)

Jacob Wang- 3rd (100bk)






Allie Kim- 3rd (200bk, 200br), 4th (100bk, 200IM)

James Bonaccorso- 8th (100br)






Amelie Ostray- 2nd (100br), 6th (100IM), 8th (200IM), 8th (50fr)

Jayden Kadiman- 2nd (100fr), 2nd (200fl), 10th (200IM), 3rd (50fr), 7th (100fl)






Ana Brill- 7th (200bk, 100bk) 6th (200IM)

Jeffrey Zhang- 8th (100bk), 8th (50bk)






Anna Bonk- 6th (200fr), 2nd (50bk), 8th (50fr)

Julia Pisano- 2nd (100fr), 10th (200fr), 5th (50fr)






Ben Hankins- 8th (500fr)

Karina Hartounian- 2nd (200bk), 7th (100fr), 10th (500fr), 3rd (200fl, 200fr)






Charlotte Fishman- 4th (200fl), 4th (100fl)

Kate Georgino- 9th (200bk)






Chloe Kim- 8th (200IM)

Kate Lee- 6th(100bk), 8th (200fr), 5th (50bk), 9th (100fr), 10th (50fr)






Chloe Kim- 7th (50fr)

Lex Ng- 4th (200IM) 5th (100fr)






Chris Wong- 6th (100br)

Liam Thomas- 3rd (100fr), 7th (500fr), 2nd (200fr), 9th (50fr)






Christian Castro- 8th (400IM)

Lilli Perner- 3rd (1650fr), 4th (1000fr), 6th (500fr), 8th (200fr)






Claire Huang- 3rd (200bk, 1000fr), 7th (100fr, 500fr)

Mark Mashkovich- 10th (200bk), 4th (100fr), 7th (100bk), 8th (50fr)






Connor Kim- 6th (100fr), 5th (200fr), 5th (50fr), 10th (100bk)

Mark O'Mara- 7th (200bk), 2nd (500fr), 9th (200fr), 3rd (1000fr)






Cooper Ren- 4th (100br), 5th (100bk), 2nd (200IM), 4th (200br)

Megan Lee- 4th (400IM), 9th (100br), 5th (200IM), 5th (200br)






Craig O'Mara- 6th (1000fr), 7th (1650fr)

Meron Worku- 10th (200bk)






Danika Bernal- 8th (200bk)

Mia Bugarin- 3rd (100fr)






De'Andre Paiz- 7th (100br), 8th (200IM)

Moses Sillas- 6th (100br), 9th (50bk)






Dominic Gutierrez- 5th (400IM), 6th (200fl), 8th (100fl)

Nathan Cho- 6th (200bk), 4th (100bk)






Dylan Wee- 2nd (100br), 5th (200IM), 7th (200br)

Oliver Mann- 5th (50fr)






EJ Redson- 2nd (200bk), 6th (100bk)

Olivia Lee- 8th (400 IM)






Ella Gutierrez- 2nd (100fl), 4th (100fr), 2nd (200fr), 5th (200IM), 4th (50fl), 5th (200fl)

Rosio Valencia- 3rd (400IM), 4th (200br), 6th (100br)






Ella Lesnever- 6th (100bk), 2nd (50fr)

Ryan Lee- 3rd (200fr), 9th (50fr)






Emi Waters- 6th (100br), 8th (200br)

Sarah Iturbe- 5th (200bk)






Ethan Yi- 4th (50fr), 6th (100bk, 200bk)

Scott Isa- 3rd (100bk), 5th (100br), 5th (100IM), 5th (200IM)






Fan Wu- 6th (200br)

Sophia Georgino- 3rd (200IM, 400IM), 7th (100br), 10th (100bk), 4th (200br)






Fernando Mancera- 2nd (400IM), 10th (100br), 5th (500fr), 9th (200IM), 2nd (1000fr)

Sophia Xu- 9th (100bk), 6th (200fr), 5th (100fl)






Franco Blancaflor- 6th (100fr), 10th (200fr)

Ulziikhutag Odser- 7th (500fr)






Gavin Santoso- 10th (100fr), 4th (50fr), 6th (100fl)

Violet Perrigue- 4th (100br), 3rd (100fr), 5th (100IM), 6th (200IM), 4th (50br), 6th (50fl)






Grant O'Mara- 3rd (100fr), 2nd (1650fr), 2nd (200fr)



































Top 3 Relays:







1st- Boys 15&Over 200 FR A- (Ryan Lee, Oliver Mann, Mark Mashkovich, Jayden Kadiman)







1st- Boys 15&Over 200 MR A- (Nathan Cho, Gavin Santoso, Jayden Kadiman, Ryan Lee)







1st- Boys 15&Over 400 FR A- (Jayden Kadiman, Ryan Lee, Liam Thomas, Gavin Santoso)







1st- Boys 15&Over 400 MR A- (Nathan Cho, Dylan Wee, Jaden Kadiman, Ryan Lee)







1st- Girls 15&Over 800 FR A- (Mia Bugarin, Anna Brill, Karina Hartounian, Sophia Xu)







2nd- Boys 13-14 200 MR A- (Ethan Yi, Henry Yang, Lex Ng, Grant O'Mara)







2nd- Boys 13-14 200FR A- (Ethan Yi, Lex Ng, Grant O'Mara, Henry Yang)







2nd- Boys 13-14 400 FR A- (Grant O'Mara, Ethan Yi, Lex Ng, Henry Yang)







2nd- Boys 13-14 400 MR A- (Jacob Wang, Henry Yang, Lex Ng, Grant O'Mara)







2nd- Boys 13-14 400 FR A- (Grant O'Mara, Ethan Yi, Lex Ng, Henry Yang)







2nd- Boys 13-14 800 FR A- (Henry Yang, Lex Ng, Ethan Yi, Grant O'Mara)







2nd- Boys 15&Over 200 MR B- (EJ Redson, De'Andre Paiz, Hughes Wang, Mark Mashkovich)







2nd- Boys 15&Over 800 FR A- (Jayden Kadiman, Ryan Lee, Christan Castro, Liam Thomas)







2nd- Girls 13-14 200 FR A- (Chloe Kim, Danika Bernal, Fan Wu, Claire Huang)







2nd- Girls 13-14 200 MR A- (Claire Huang, Adela Lim, Danika Bernal, Chloe Kim)







2nd- Girls 13-14 400MR A- (Danika Bernal, Adela Lim, Rosio Valencia, Chloe Kim)







2nd- 10U Girls 200 MR A- (Kate Lee, Amelie Ostray, Violet Perrigue, Kristina Gorovaia)







2nd- 11-12 Girls 200 MR A- (Anna Bonk, Hailey Cervantes, Ella Gutierrez, Elise Montanez)







2nd- 11-12 Girls 400 MR A- (Anna Bonk, Hailey Cervantes, Ella Gutierrez, Elise Montanez)







3rd- Boys 15&Over 200 MR C- (Cooper Ren, Dylan Wee, Liam Thomas, Oliver Mann)







3rd- Girls 15&Over 400 FR B- (Megan Lee, Sarah Iturbe, Charlotte Fishman, Abby Chatalyan)







3rd- Girls 15&Over 400 MR B- (Kate Georgino, Emi Waters, Charlotte Fishman, Mia Bugarin)







3rd- 10U Boys 200 FR A- (Connor Kim, Leo Zhang, Aiden Lautman, Jacob Lee)







3rd- 10U Boys 200 MR A- (Aiden Lautman, Jacob Lee, Connor Kim, Leo Zhang)







3rd- 10U Girls 200 FR A- (Kate Lee, Evie Smith, Violet Perrigue, Amelie Ostray)







3rd- 11-12 Girls 200 FR A- (Elise Montanez, Hailey Cervantes, Anna Bonk, Ella Gutierrez)







3rd- 11-12 Girls 400 FR A- (Anna Bonk, Elise Montanez, Hailey Cervantes, Ella Gutierrez)