Our Mission

To prepare every swimmer for Optimal Performance and Leadership - both in and out of the water.  Sawtooth Aquatic Club (SAW) strives to develop each athlete to their greatest individual potential.  The coaching staff works to teach, train and motivate swimmers to achieve at their peak in the water, in the classroom and in life.  We believe the positive experience that swimming provides will allow each swimmer to become successful young adults in society, developing a confident self image and healthy habits which are of the utmost importance. 

At Sawtooth Aquatics, we understand that training is more than just laps in a pool, dryland and weights.  It is about quality swimming and it is about training the entire person: mind, body & life skills.

Unlike many programs, where workouts are geared toward the fastest swimmers, at SAW, the workouts are written for EVERYONE in the water.​

We will teach you how to make the most of our workouts, so you can reach your goals faster and see more rapid improvement.​

We aim to instill an underlying understanding and appreciation for goal setting and achievement, self-motivation, team spirit, camaraderie, cooperation, time management and mental and physical toughness; all encompassed in a safe and supportive environment.














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